A Little Spooky

Alright, now that the whole "PNB was never a PNB" affair is over and I've been able to catch my breath... Let me fill you in on the latest. Yes, believe it or not, I was able to function in other aspects of my life this past weekend.

So, Saturday... Right. Without going into all the details, the roomie and I sort of came to the conclusion that we could both benefit from a little help from the "Universe". And so we asked the "Universe" for help. And boy did it listen. The first sign came knocking on the door... literally... with an invite from the guy down the hall to attend his b-day party. We went and now it would seem that Dee has picked up a swarmy little parasite named Rod. I call him Todd... My little joke. Nothing beats coming home from work only to be accosted in the hallway by Mini-Stalker. On a happier note, we'll see on Friday how her date goes with cutie PA... a much more welcome prospect I can assure you.

As for me? Well, now that Bea no longer has any potentials waiting in the wings, and no longer being on the crack cocaine that was Lavalife, I've decided to finally meet up with a very nice guy who stuck around for a very long time, despite being repeatedly blown off for greener pastures. That's tonight. I've got no hopes or expectations... All I know is that I don't have to cook tonight... I really don't feel like cooking tonight.

And just when you think that the "Universe" didn't throw me an unexpected bone... For I was starting to be jealous of Dee's ability to attract the most random of men... No more than 30 minutes after leaving Jeff's I found myself at the Dundas West station waiting for Ye Olde 168 Symington when a guy... a complete stranger just starts up a conversation. Of course Petty, with the mind set of a) guys kind of suck and b) complete strangers coming up and talking to you in Toronto is not on... was of course not really the most enthusiastic of conversation partners...

But this fellow... Ash is is name... just wouldn't give up. Under the auspices of inviting me to a gig happening in a few weeks time... Oh, I guess I should mention here that he is a musician who plays in Fefe Dobson's band... I didn't know who that was but apparently she's kind of big... He asked for my email and I gave it to him. He promptly emailed me first thing this morning and, despite me explaining about where my head space is at this particular moment re: the whole relationship thing... he is DESPERATE to meet up with me. Will it backfire? Have I now attracted my own "Universe-throwing the good in with the bad-LMAO" mini stalker? Only time will tell.

Stay Tuned...

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mollyblogger said...

I'd trade you Ash for Rod any day!