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First off, let me say a big Happy Birthday to Pauly Shore!!!

You may be asking yourselves... can Bea have picked a more random celebrity to acknowledge today? I mean, there are loads of other celeb birthdays today... celebs whom I am a much bigger fan of... Terry Jones of Monty Python for example... I love that guy... Lisa Marie Presley??? Boris Yeltsin??? OK, so maybe Pauly isn't all that random...

Anyway, it may seem odd that Pauly Shore is even on the brain...But it isn't, not really. Last night the Roomie and I rented "Pauly Shore is Dead", the newest offering from said comedian. The review? If you are Pauly's biggest fan you will certainly, probably, most likely enjoy it somewhat. Even if you are not the biggest fan ever, you'll probably get a few chuckles... My take on the whole "mockumentary" however, is that one should be in a slightly altered state of mind while watching. In other words... It's a "baker" folks, plain and simple. If you like this style of movie, I suggest sticking with those put out by Christopher Guest... whose birthday, oddly enough, is in 4 days time... Spinal Tap, Waiting for Guffmann, Best in Show, A Mighty Wind... all very funny... Sorry Pauly. Thanks for coming out though!

On the stalker front... no real news... He did phone me from Amsterdam last night which was a little frightening. Thank goodness Pauly was there to take my mind off things.

Oh, and to the person who left that crazy rant on yesterday's posting... In answer to your question... Chocolate gives me a headache, but I won't say no to Kahlua. Should you wish to send a Valentine's Day gift... or a birthday one for that matter, please contact me directly for details on where best to send said gift(s). Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


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