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"Special" Person
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That's our Prime Minister in a nut shell. I know, I've already posted today, but I feel compelled to make some observations on the Gomery Inquiry that is happening (and is on the TV behind me) as I type.

Yesterday had the former PM testifying. Goodness knows I am no fan of Chretien, but man o'man... He's one fiesty old dude. Without going into the details, which are by now old news... He held his own under the pressure and somehow-- and I am not saying this is necessarily a good thing-- somehow he managed to make everyone feel quilty for ever having suspected him of any wrong doing.

But that was yesterday and this is today (most profound statement ever!!!)

Today we've got good old Pauly. Now, with the exception of the great delight I take in seeing just how unphotgenic our PM is, I am really no fan of the fella. He is so arrogant... I think he truly believes that his "you know what" doesn't stink.

But it does Paul!!! It does stink. In fact, you are so full of "you know what" right now on TV that I can smell you from here. Your coughing and stuttering isn't fooling anyone. And neither is changing the subject and pleading innocence. How is it possible that he remembers nothing from the entire period? This is the person running our country? Does this crack monkey even know what he did yesterday? One can only hope that Gomery gets off his ass and bitch slaps some sense into him very soon!

This rant was brought to you by Lakota Topical Pain Reliever.

Petty Out

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