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The Mailman's name is Peter. He is very adorable. Did I already mention that? I must say that the little flutter I got in the pit of my stomach was more than a little welcome after the crappy morning I had had up until then. Stupid 168 Slumington bus... Here are some observations from this morning that I wish to share with y'all:
1) I don't like talking in the morning. I'm not a morning person people. Accept it.
2) I don't like the smell of Garlic first thing in the morning. It makes me want to throw up.
3) I don't like talking to strange men at bus stops. Why? Well, after the whole Ash affair... Also, see observation #1.

I give kudos to the bus driver though... he was getting everyone onto that bus come hell or high water. And he said "Thank You... Have a nice day!" Favorite bus driver ever! But man... if there was ever a day for some CSBF to make one feel better...

Speaking of CSBF... an interesting weekend on that front. I have a new friend, hitherto to be called the NF. Anyway, hanging out with the NF... it was all good. Very nice, very comfortable... two friends sharing some laughs, and some wine. Anyway, throughout the evening, the concept of CSBFs came up... but, being a complete metard at times, I kind of wasn't picking up what was being putting down. And seeing as how it was never directed at me specifically... I was sort of confused. It wasn't until the next day that I thought to myself "Hmmm... did that actually happen?" But again, still not 100% sure.

And would I? I never have before... so what are the rules? I mean, do I get to participate in the decision making process? What if I decide that I want some nookie? Can I call up and say "hey, let's get together"? Take today for example... I had a rough morning... I'm feeling a little randy... I could do with a little bit o' pleasure this evening... Or is it strictly up to the guy to decide when it is convenient for him? And what of any semblance of actual friendship? Once you embark on this adventure, is it then possible to really, truly remain friends? Or will the assumption always be there that any sort of friendly get-togethers will always lead to sex? And what happens when either person starts seeing someone else? Can you then go back to being "just friends"? It's very confusing... But at the same time it is all very exciting...

Anyway, I welcome any thoughts, comments, advice etc... on this matter. Like I said, it's a new one for me... and one that I am not entirely convinced I didn't make up in my head... I was Petty after all this weekend. Maybe I never left the loft... sigh...Only time will tell I suppose.


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mollyblogger said...

God knows you've heard my shpiel... but IMHO CSBF is an SOB of a concept because no one who has CS ever stays an F long. Either you're having CSBF with a PNB to test the waters before you decide if you're MFEO, or you don't respect the NF enough to date them, but they're good enough for when you're TGIFing and need a little T&A without all the Q&A... Whether this guy deserves it... well that's TBD.