Happy Birthday Beatrice

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Yes, the big day has arrived and with it, oodles of enlightenment. The first being that Levar Burton is perhaps the most famous person to share the same birthday as me. That is indeed very exciting. I mean that. I really like Star Trek: TNG. Seriously.

I'm also feeling much better today thanks for asking. I'm sure that my sinus infection breaking at 4am last night is a big reason for that... My head feels much clearer today than it has in a week or so. Yay! It's possible that the blahs were also, in part, caused by the above mentionned chronic infirmity that has plagued me for years... Stupid sinuses... always acting up at the most inconvenient times.

Anyway, back to the B-Day enlightenments... OK, so we had Geordi... Actually, that's about it right now... I've been so darn grumpy of late that I really didn't want to think a whole lot about ANYTHING for fear of bringing any sort of negativity into my life. I suppose that is a sort of revelation in and of itself... quarantine myself accordingly-- both physically and emotionally-- when I'm not at my best, hormones raging etc...

Speaking of raging, for those who live in the GTA, don't forget about the Party in Super Loft this Saturday. Come one, come all. If you ask nicely, we might even clean the cat poop of the patio. How's that for enticing?

Oh, and BYOB+B. The extra B is for Boys... That's right, you heard me... Bea needs some lovin'... and how!

That is all,

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Cascadia said...

Happy Birthday Baby!
All the best this coming year - I wish I could make it to the loft!