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What can I say about this picture except that my cat is crazy! She'll stay in this position for several minutes, just staring at the front door... pondering life in general. Ah, the life of a cat.

So, as the title of this posting would suggest, just a few things. I begin the with the sad news that today I had finally drummed up the courage to ask My Mailman what his relationship status was... and then see where things led from there. Unfortuntately, a colleague of mine chose that time to come to my desk to start a conversation on the ethics of keeping animals in zoos. There will be no Mailman at the party this Saturday... how sad.

While we are on the topic of zoos and wild animals... I would like to take this opportunity to announce that I have, once again, put myself in the path of the oncoming train that is Lavalife. I know, I know... I really don't want to do it... My head is hung slightly in shame. It didn't really work out for me the last time I was on, but I figured that there was no point letting all the recent insight I've gained to go to waste. So, with that in mind, I am going into the whole affair with a new attitude and every intention of following the advice that I so diligently laid out for my friend Cascadia. Also, I'm REALLY bored.

So far there hasn't been a whole lot of action on that front. I don't remember the pickings being so slim the last time around. So far, the most appealing people my searches have unearthed are dudes who I have already gone out with. In the silly mood I was in last night, I was tempted to send a smile to the former PNB as a joke. However, he's been a grumpy bugger lately so I figured the humour would go unappreciated. It was probably for the best anyway... I should not use Lavalife for my own entertainment purposes!!! Wait a minute... I ABSOLUTELY should use Lavalife in that manner. People take themselves way too seriously on that thing. Get over yourselves people!!! Oh, and I also feel compelled to out the roomie... who has gone back on the crack that is Lava as well. Let the adventures begin!


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