Seriously Displeased!

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Stupid George Bush and his stupid State of the Union address... pre-empting Alias. I watch one program... ONE PROGRAM... all week... Why I oughtta...

John Kerry would have never made HIS State of the Union address on a Wednesday. Nope, he would have done it on Friday or something. There is NEVER anything good on TV on Friday. And it's not like we don't KNOW what state the union is in. It is very plainly and stupidly obvious... the union is not in a good place right now... and I DON'T think that Alias needed to have been pre-empted JUST to tell us something that we already know. Hmph!

Thank you for your time,
Beatrice (missing her favorite program) Petty

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Chauncy Biggins said...

Hey, who's union are you talking about, Beatrice? We all know what a sorry state Canada is in! You wanna watch our tv, you deal with the state of the union address! Or petition for Alias to be syndicated in Canada.