The Universe is Funny Sometimes

It's been a crazy last couple of days folks. I am not going to lie to you.

Saturday was the big B-Day/Housewarming party at the loft. It was quite the party; I was there for most of it. My body checked out a little bit earlier than I would have hoped. But no matter, it was rocking nonetheless. I had invited a boy over and it was going to be our first date, of sorts. It was a beautiful plan, really. What better a place to meet a new friend? Not many, let me tell you!

Alas, as many things in Bea's life... things didn't turn out according to plan. As already stated, I checked out rather early and didn't really get a chance to chat as much as I would have have liked to the above mentioned boy. No matter though, as all is well.

And just when you think life is not going to throw you any more lemons... I am also kind of smitten with a new person. Two guys at the same time?!? YIKES!!!

Wait a minute. Before you think I am some kind of crazy serial dater... let me tell you I am now off the lava crack for the time being. The whole thing was quite accidental I can assure you. I think two very nice gents are more than enough for me right now. I guess more to tell on that front will come in the near future so check back for updates.

On a completely different note... The Oscars are this Sunday so stay tuned for Be Petty's 2nd Annual Oscar Predictions. Always a crowd pleaser.

Ciao Bella,
Beatrice Petty

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