Me... Feb 4/05

Mailman Came...

Mailman went, his name still unknown. I'm such a chicken. And this is true on so many levels I am discovering... The stalker called last night... I'm afraid to talk to him. Why? Because I hate confrontation... especially confrontations with crazy people. The roomie says that I am going to have to physically tell him to fuck off as he isn't going to get it otherwise. I know she's right but for now, I am going to live in the little fantasy world I have created... the one where he'll will actually interpret the fact that the reason I am not returning his phone calls/ didn't want to go out for dinner or drinks/plainly stated on several occasions that I don't want to date him is that I well... I think you get the picture. I am open to any other options as long as they don't involve me having to actually talk/see him in any way. I could take out an ad on a bus I suppose...

Stalker Ad

Anyway... we'll see. I think I've got it figured out though... You see, it just so happens that while Ash was in Amsterdam... "I got back together with the guy I was dating" *wink, wink*... I didn't, of course... but he doesn't need to know that. After careful consideration I think that it's the only way out... Sorry Jeff... don't mean to drag you into this whole sordid affair... but, well... you may as well be good for something at this point.

And in other matters that do not pertain to me per say... Today I am stupid tired. Why? Because I am the nicest person in the entire world. I hope the roomie remembers that, dishes or no dishes this morning, I sacrificed a good night's sleep and endured the excrutiating agony of being the 5th wheel... all in the name of her lovelife. So, while I will be spending the weekend alone... once again... sigh... she'll be out gallivanting with a new PNB. Poor Beatrice, but Yay Molly!!!

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