A Series of Unfortunate Events

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In a nutshell, that describes the past couple of days in Bea's life.

So Friday... The big date with Tim. Sigh. Tim was tired. So tired that the evening was over before it had even started. It was all he could do to prop his head up on the table in his hand and participate in the conversation. My big night of "perhaps I won't even make it home at all" ended up with me being home by 8:30pm. So very disappointing. But at least I had Saturday with Garrett right?

Like, What-ever!!!

The day started off OK. Got the confirmation call...

Still up for the AGO??? Yep??? Good... meet you there at 2.

It all went downhill from that point on. Granted, Garrett is very sick. He was even sick on Thursday. He looked like crap, sounded like crap, and smelled like a Halls factory had just exploded... However, I wasn't feeling the love. How unfortunate.

At any rate, I'm not going to hold it against Garrett, but I am leaving the ball in his court. Same thing goes for Tim. Here's where I put all the wonderful education I gleaned from "He's Just Not Into You" and put it into practice.

Wish me luck everyone!


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