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Continuing on from yesterday's posting, it would seem that my life has once again done a 180.

The past few weeks featured a lot of down time and lots of time to self-reflect... which was great, don't get me wrong. It was also mildly boring, hence why I was jonesing for the Lava Crack once again.

And from the "Be careful what you wish for" files comes what has now become my week. Let me enlighten you if I may.

So, I tried to follow my own advice and told these new suitors (NS) that I really wasn't into the writing back and forth for weeks on end... yaddayaddayadda... and to give me a call. Both NSs were man enough to do this. In fact, one NS was man enough to come to my party this weekend, the other to phone me long distance from Vancouver. Unfortunately, being under stimulated at work got the better of me and I've spent the past couple of days in constant communication with the both of them... They are both equally communictaive with me. It's been great, I'm getting to know them... But UH OH... the bi-product of doing this has had the end result of my expectations being slightly higher than I had wanted. Oh well... I can't help it if one can't stop calling me cutie, and the other one can't stop saying how much he can't wait to meet me. It's not MY fault that I am so damned irresistable!!!

So that's that. Thursday has dinner with Garret... the first NS in the picture. It'll be a lovely affair with the roomie joining us... as she can no longer bare being alone in the company of her former csbf-now stalker who lives down the hall. Good Times.

And Friday? That's Tim... He wanted to take me to the 360 Restaurant. It was all I could do to not pee my pants in laughter. Anyway, I talked him out of that because that is WAY too fancy for Bea on a first date... Perhaps the second... no wait, that's already been decided... hold please.

And on to Saturday... the AGO and Dinner with Garrett again...

And finally, we make it to Sunday, with Tim coming over to our 1st Annual Oscar Night Shindig. Dee and I are cooking a roast. On the wine list we shall feature a nice red, perhaps a cabernet shiraz? Details to follow.

And so like good old Georgie, I am confused. I like them both equally, but they are both so different. One is 38 and has a wicked job where he gets to travel the world, while the other is 29 and has lots of tattoos. Apples and Oranges folks... Apples and Oranges!!!

Anyhoo, I'm not sure about you guys, but even looking at my week is starting to exhaust me. I may need to take Monday off just to recuperate. Of course the postings are likely to get a tad juicier after Thursday so stay tuned. In the meantime Oscar predictions will be forthcoming shortly.

Who loves yooz guyz?

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