Worst Mood Ever!!!

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What can I say except that it would seem that last weeks' numbness, coupled with the blahs I have been feeling these past few days have culminated in me being in one of the worst moods I have been in in a very, very long time. In keeping with yesterdays' posting which featured some very useful formulas, I have decided to present you with the short version of the reasons behind my melancholy:

Upcoming Birthday x upcoming birthday x upcoming birthday x (V-Day + general feeling of lonliness) + Homesickness + Boring Work Environment + less than stellar self image = One Sad Beatrice

And there you have it.

Tomorrow is my Birthday. I have a real love/hate relationship with my Birthday, I always have. A large part of me would really just like it to be passed over; unacknowledged by all. Of course, the part of me who likes presents and gifts would never allow this to happen so in that respect, I suppose the day must be recognized on some level.

Sigh. I'm sure all will be well enough soon as there is no fundamental reason for the gloominess. At any rate, the Birthday will be over and done with tomorrow which, as noted in the above formula, seems to be playing a fairly substantial role in this oh so dismal day. Besides, there is always the party in Super Loft to look forward to this weekend.

Later Friends,

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Anonymous said...

Well Beatrice, I was compelled to write if only to wish you the warmest of birthday wishes and tell you that we are all in this together sister, and just "get the funk out". I have certianly enjoyed your blog, a friend of mine put me on to it, and it is a morning treat with my grande latte. Keep up the good work.
Happy B-day
Editorial Director, FLARE.com