Signs, Signs...

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Everywhere there's signs. So, back to My Mailman... No juicy news on that front yet, but rest assured... I hope to at least be able to give y'all a little something. I have decided that sometime, very soon, I will take the bold step and ask him out for a beer.

"HOW BOLD, DARING EVEN!!!" you must all be saying to yourselves. And you'd be right... That was until I began to notice that the Universe was trying to tell me something that I couldn't not listen to... in the guise of a TV ad. OK, so maybe I am crazy... well, I am, but that's not the point of the excercise.

Anyway, these past few weeks has seen me turn into very much a homebody. As such, I have been watching a fair amount of TV, which sucks because-- with the exception of Alias (which I have missed to weeks in a row... don't get me started)-- there really is nothing good on. Anyway, 2 things on the tele have stood out in my mind of late. The first is that damn Lakota commercial that seems to play every 5 minutes. I just completed a survey that should have me receiving a free sample of the pain reliever any time now. I'm very excited about it as you can tell.

The second commercial of note is a little more relevant and it is of course a Canada Post commercial. It too seems to be playing every five minutes. You can't miss it... A happy little restaurant owner, working in conjunction with her equally happy mailman, all set to the happy little tune of "All Right Now". I think it is atttempting to get across the message that "If you use Canada Post to help set up your new business, it will be successful and everyone will be so happy and there will be peace on earth". Or somthing like that.

Obviously to me, the message is quite different, otherwise I wouldn't have gone to the effort of writing about some stupid TV commercials, no matter how informative they might be. No peeps, my view is that it CANNOT be a coincidence that Canada Post commercials have started popping up at this particular time. When was the last time you saw any Canada Post commercial, honestly? And now, here they are, running every 5 minutes. You can call me crazy if that will make YOU feel better. In the meantime, I will quietly sit here, gathering up the courage to ask out My Mailman, just like the TV told me to.


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