Onwards and Upwards...


It's Friday and as of right now, the weekend is promising to be a quiet one for Beatrice. I am keen to check out the British Isles Show at the Ex this weekend... a good idea since everyone I know will be away... not that they would have gone with me. What was it the roomie said???

"Nothing you could say or do would entice me to go to that..."

To each his or her own I suppose. Her loss...Sigh... I must accept that I am the lone Anglophile amongst my circle of friends. I am anticipating many men in kilts though. Men in kilts... Bea is going to have some sweet dreams tonight.

And speaking of men, I had my date with Paul last night. You remember him. The banker... right. Ok, so when someone tells me they are a banker, I immediately envision someone like my friend Timmy... someone with the responsibility of deciding who will or will not be given large sums of money; someone who wheels and deals with big important corporate clients. Conversely, someone who works in a branch of a bank does not have these same responsibilities. Furthermore, a "banker" who has just quit said job at the bank to become a bartender/waiter is really not a banker at all. And what of a banker turned bartender/waiter who plans on going to school in September to be either a high school teacher (no subjects decided as of yet) OR a radio broadcaster? Well, your guess is as good as mine. Throw into the mix that he cannot stop relating everything in his life to the miriad of ex-girlfriends he has...

That being said, he was a very nice guy, but not the right guy for Beatrice. You win some and you lose some... this however, was a game that got cancelled due to inclement weather, thus never getting played in the first place.

As David Brent would say... "Next"


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