The Moral of the Story is...

If you sneak into a movie, the Universe will punish you. Sadly for Beatrice, her "me" day yesterday did not go as happily as planned.

As everyone was working yesterday except me, I decided to spend some time downtown... Do a bit of writing... catch a flick. The writing went well so I made way to the Paramount theatre at John and Richmond... The rockingest theatre in all of Toronto. I went there intending to see Robots, but ended up in Be Cool.


Worst movie ever... Even worse than that stupid Colin Firth movie the roomie and I saw at the Toronto Film Festival. At least Colin Firth was there in person... I made eye contact with him... I am pretty sure that had there not been soooooo many people around, he would have stopped and asked for my number. Bad timing... anwyay. I think that even if Vince Vaughn had been sitting in the seat beside me stroking my hair... the movie still would have sucked. Sufficed to say, I felt very ripped off. The only thing I could think of that might possibly make up for this train-wreck of a movie was, of course, to sneak into another movie...

Robots. More than anything I was excited to get the bad taste out of my mouth that was left there by the previous film. Sadly, this was not to happen. Not with Robots at any rate... If someone wouldn't mind explaining to me WHY Ewan McGregor dropped his adorable accent for this movie? Am I to assume that there are no Scottish Robots? Who would want to live in a world where there were NO Scottish Robots? I, for one, would not.

Alas, I had been thwarted in my attempt to see a half decent movie. And what of my punishment for having snuck into a film? Well, I awoke at 4am... and was unable to fall back asleep... my mind filled with guilt at my law-flaunting ways... I learned my lesson... I will never do it again... Of course, I did end up eating only popcorn yesterday... and A LOT of it. Perhaps my body was simply trying to digest all that kernelly goodness. Either way, lesson(s) learned... No eating popcorn while having illegaly gained entry into really bad films.

Thanks Universe!

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