Happy Panic Day!

Today Bea is totally unispired. Besides kicking one of my two new boys to the curb because he seemed more interested in hanging out with a girl he dated from a while back than in meeting me (see entries #4 and #8)... I had a thoroughly uneventful evening. The roomie suggested that my blog should be about me brainstorming about what my blog should be about.... very postmodern (ist? istic) or something like that. She's smarter than me, as you can tell. I used to just nod my head when someone commented that something was "post-modern"... Of course agreeing with them...

"Oh yes, most definitely... couldn't agree more... now pass me another hors'doerve dawwwwwling".

If anyone had actually asked me to define PoMo... I wouldn't have had a clue. Fortunately, I have my doubts as to whether these people really knew either. It's one of those concepts that everyone has an opinion about, but only 1 out of 100 people actually know what it means. Thanks to a discussion from a while back that I had with the roomie who patiently explained the theory to me... I can now respond to these comments a little more knowledgeably...

"Are you serious? What the hell are you talking about? Do you even KNOW what it means?"

Anyway, I still couldn't go into all the gory details, but at least now I know that PoMo isn't referring to the invention of the lightbulb.

So, back to Panic Day. Today is the day when we are supposed to run around with our arms up in the air shouting "I can't take it anymore!!!" or so they say. I personally, had never heard of Panic Day until about half an hour ago, so I decided to do some research. The result? There's nothing much to Panic Day... But I did find some other even more completely useless holidays, some of which I will list for you now:

March 1 — Pig Day: good to know
March 1 — Peanut Butter Lover's Day: In other words, my anti-holiday
March 1 — International Day of the Seal: arf arf
March 3 — I Want You To Be Happy Day: No, I want YOU to be happy
March 3 — What if Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day: Something that has been on my mind for quite some time.
March 5 — Stop the Clocks Day: As far as I am concerned, this happens everyday when I am at work. It's happening now.
March 6 — National Frozen Food Day: Come to think of it, I did have a hangering for a Hungryman dinner the other day...
March 6 — Learn What Your Name Means Day: Beatrice means happy... Cool!
March 7 — Name Tag Day: Damn, I KNEW I was forgetting something last Monday!
March 8 — Be Nasty Day: I've made a mental note if this date for use in the future... beware.
March 8 — Middle Name Pride Day: Actually, Beatrice doesn't have a middle name... Open to suggestions though.
March 9 — Panic Day: Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
March 13 — Open an Umbrella Indoors Day: I can't wait!
March 14 — National Potato Chip Day: See March 23rd.
March 15 — Everything You Think Is Wrong Day: aka everyday in Bea's world
March 16 — Everything You Do Is Right Day: OK, I will allow you people this one day... but ONE day only.
March 17 — Submarine Day: I don't get why this day falls on the same day as St. Paddy's day... any ideas???
March 19 — Poultry Day: "I feel like chicken tonight, like chicken toniiight"
March 20 — Rotten Sneaker Day: FINALLY, a holiday that I can relate to...Um... yeah... Bea has the stinkiest feet on the planet... ask the roomie...
March 22 — National Goof-Off Day: aka EVERYday
March 23 — National Chip and Dip Day: Too many "chip days" in March... getting a little greedy in my opinion.
March 23 — International Day of the Seal: TWO International Days of the Seal (See March 1st)... to be honest, I just don't think seals are all that special.
March 24 — National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day: I hate raisins... I won't be celebrating.
March 26 — Make Up Your Own Holiday Day: Here's one... Buy Bea a Present Day!!!
March 28 — Something On a Stick Day: Oh... My... God... I could just run with this... but I won't... OK maybe just one... The girl from Instant Star... her head on a stick... that was for the roomie.
March 30 — I Am In Control Day: I'm good enough, I'm smart enough... and gosh darnit...
March 31 — Bunsen Burner Day: How random
March 31 — National Clams on the Half-Shell Day: Oddly enough,there is no National Clam Day... There is a Clam Chowder Day, Fried Clam Day... Sorry clams, you just don't make the cut.
March 31 — Tater Day: Atkins Dieters, you may not even want to leave the house today.

So there you have it. My decidedly unispired posting for today. God help us all if this continues...


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Chaiseri said...

You asked: "March 17 — Submarine Day: I don't get why this day falls on the same day as St. Paddy's day... any ideas???"

Submarine Day commemorates John Philip Holland's demonstration of the first practical submarine off Staten Island in New York today in 1898.