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american convict
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Actually, if it was just a case of that, then I would have no qualms, but this guy is an ass. Would someone please explain to me why/how this guy has not has his ass voted off American Idol...

It's not his weight. Goodness knows, Bea could stand to lose a fair bit O'weight herself... and it really isn't his swine-like appearance. Actually, at the beginning... like the first show, I was all like "yay, let's have a non-metro/anorexic Idol...

But then, his personality started to shine through... and when I say "shine through"... What I really mean is "leach out"... Ugh... most unfortunate personality ever.

Reasons Why I Dislike Scott Savol:

1) He beats up women... not nice
2) He thinks he is the shit... he isnt'
3) He has no social skills.
4) He thinks he's the shit... he isn't. I'm just waiting for him to decree "I am the greatest of all time!!!" He's not.
5) The songs he picks are stupid. FYI, he's not alone in this faux pas... don't get me started on Anwar... Ick.
6) He gives me the heebie-jeebies.
7) He plain looks evil. I've heard he has a tail.

Let's all work together so to prevent this guy from making millions and millions of dollars when he in no way deserves it!!!



C-8 said...

I feel exactly the same way about him - he just icks me out on so many different levels - the coolest website ever, calls him "thugly" and that is about the best description I've seen of him

Between Scott and Constantine, the ENTIRE SPECTRUM OF ICK is covered

Beatrice Petty said...

Don't be hatin' on Constantine now...

Wee said...

AND, can anyone in this blogiverse explain to me why Anthony Federov is NEVER in the bottom 3. Why? Why cruel world??

Beatrice Petty said...

Oh COME ON Wee...

Imagine yourself as a young teenie bopper... you would have TOTALLY voted for Anthony... admit it!

He's totally Mackenzie Ashton... your loverboy!!! Hubba Hubba!

mollyblogger said...

I think Federov's got the sympathy vote. We call him "tracheotomy boy" here in the loft.

Constantine's not unfortunate, but after he sings, I kind of feel like I need to take a shower... or have a post-constantine cigarette.

As for Nadia being gone. Damn. That girl should have stepped up.

I maintain that pig-nosed wifebeater has cornered the "retarded" market. That's where he gets all his votes. The first person ever to mobilize the retarded people of America. Oh no, wait... I think George W. did that first ;)

wee said...

haha - tracheotomy boy! i love it! hawksies please apologize for the Mackenzie Astin comparison - it hurts!

Beatrice Petty said...

Sorry Wee,

I take it all back... T-Boy is nothing like Mackenzie... he's way taller :)