Steve Nash, You Rule!

steve nash

Just a quick props to Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns for winning the NBA's MVP award yesterday.

Do I actually give a hoot about the NBA at all? No. Have I ever watched a Phoenix Suns' game? No. Do I even know what position Stave Nash plays? Hell no.

Did I used to live around the corner from where Steve Nash went to high school? Yes. Do I know people who went to school with Steve Nash who say that he was a really super guy even back then? Yes. Would I not object to seeing Steve Nash naked in my living room? Yes (yes, I would not object, meaning that I would enjoy seeing SN naked in my living room... just to make that clear).

Congrats Steve! Canada is proud of you!



Cascadia said...

Out of like 350 players in the NBA, 2 of them are Canadian....I am proud of Steve! And I am proud my brother-in-law new him. It is weird how hometowns really play a huge part in pride! Oh yeah, he is a point guard....

Beatrice Petty said...

lol... thanks. A point guard eh? What the hell does that mean? Do they guard the hoop to prevent the other team from getting baskets? I guess that would be an "anti-point guard". I am so confused.

Cascadia said...

Hahahahahha! He is the guy that gets the ball to the net - kinda. He is the leader and sets up the shots I guess. Wouldn't it be crazy if they changed basketball to having one guy, the antipointguard hanging over the backboard swatting away the balls? Maybe Steve could do that too! Okay, can you tell I have had like 3 hours of sleep?