Drunk Dialers Can Go To Hell!

Last night, I was in the most wonderful deep sleep. That is very rare for me as I have predilection towards insomnia. Totally sucks, but there you have it. When I finally do get a chance to sleep soundly, I am always appreciative when I am allowed to remain in said state.

Imagine my great annoyance when I was awoken at 4:49am by my "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" ringtone. I looked at my call display, but that really was not necessary. I knew who it was going to be... and I was right. It was my considerate friend KS calling while on a visit out west. Among the subjects that will be brought up when we next speak are:

1) Returning a call made earlier in the evening is very thoughful, but, unless otherwise stated on the message, that phone call should be returned at an appropriate time.

2) That yes, there is indeed a time difference between Victoria and Toronto... quite a substantial one in fact. This should always be taken into consideration when drunk dialing.

3) Friendly reminder that I work Monday to Friday, 9 to 5. The chances of me being conscious at 4:49am are about as good me meeting a new Potential New Boyfriend (PNB) at this Single in the City thing I am going to tonight at Easy & the Fifth.

4) And lastly, just to be overly dramatic, which I so love to do, I might go into detail about how I did meet the metrosexual man of my dreams at this event, but he was not turned on by my bloodshot eyes and bags, nor was he impressed with my incessant yawning.

Beatrice "wish I had turned my ringer off last night" Petty


mollyblogger said...

Just do what I did this morning. Drink 5 cups of coffee before you head out to meet the man of your dreams.

That way, if things work out, you can do it all night long... LMAO.

mollyblogger said...

That didn't come out right.... I drank 5 cups of coffee but am not heading out to meet the man of my dreams tonight. I don't think.

mollyblogger said...

See what 5 cups of coffee does to someone?

Beatrice Petty said...

Um, Molly?

I don't think you should be driving today.


Chief Slacker said...

Just do what I do: Let them keep talking and pass back out. They get it out of their system and you don't lose much sleep Night minutes are cheap ;O)

Saucy Monk said...

who has time to make phone calls when they're busy drinking? Boy, some folks gotta get their priorities straight - that's all i'm saying...

LuckySpinster said...

And that is why I turn my ringer off when I go to sleep. And that is why I know I really like a guy is when I leave my ringer on all night.