Ooh La La Tony

With all this crap going on in our country re: politics: Liberals getting their arses kicked in the Commons, provincial elections in BC etc... it's got me thinking. Is it just me, or are sometimes politicians really yummy? So, as you may have guessed, the above picture is none other than Great Britain's Prime Minister, Tony Blair. Personally, I've always had a bit of a thing for Tony. He's smart, he's dashing and he's got that gosh darn English accent. And then, um... he's also apparently (or so the above pic indicates) dead sexy for someone in their mid 50's AND (according to his wife), he's a devil under the sheets. I love the Brits. Not afraid to speak up about the things that are really important.

But Tony isn't the only cutie-patootie politico on the block. How about this little right wing conservative?

My right wing fantasy

At least Tony and I have a somewhat similiar political ideology... That's right, I'm a left wing west coast tree hugger. You gotta problem with that? But let me tell you, when it comes to "secret" conservative fantasies, Peter MacKay has it going on! OO Wee, that man is adorable. Sadly for me, he is aligned with the biggest political nut job in the country at this moment... although... Stephen Harper does have the dreamiest eyes in all of Canadian politics. Too bad his children look the picture of aryan perfection.

We all have them, so let's be honest about them shall we? Here are some more P.I.L.F.s:

~ Dr. Keith Martin: Member of Parliament in Victoria. The nicest guy EVER, and so sexy.
~ Jack Layton: Leader of the New Democratic Party. Who doesn't love GQ Jack? He's adorable. And unlike Stephen Harper who is using the current Liberal scandal to get himself elected as the next PM, old Jackie boy's agenda is more "hey, now is our chance to actually get a budget that will help the people of our country". What a revolutionary idea! Also, I heard it through the grapevine by someone who works out at the same gym as he does... and where there are gyms the are also showers... let's just say that although he might be lacking in the stature department, he is not lacking in *ahem* other areas where size matters... wink, wink.
~ Barak Obama: Democratic Senator from Illinois. First came to the roomie's and my attention during the US elections last year. In some ways, he restored our faith that America might one day be a sane place. And, he is one handsome dude.
~ John Kerry: I know, kind of weird. But John Kerry in that wet suit? Yum. He just seems so... so, smart. That's it... smart. Who cares if his face is all squishy? But who am I kidding? I'd use him to get to his stepsons. It's all about the Heinz brothers.

Let's see. Who did I forget. Oodles of sexy politicians of that I am sure. Some that I left off purposefully? Let's see. Um, our PM, Paul Martin, aka the most UN-photogenic person on the planet. Here he is in one of his better pics.

You peeps think of anyone I forgot?



Cascadia said...

I can't believe that is Tony Blair - I had no idea! I absolutely love love love love Keith Martin! Love him!

Hey, maybe we should vote based on looks alone - I wonder if our governments would work any better? They could work any worse, could they?

Saucy Monk said...

I don't get that whole Petey McKay thing...

But then, Shiela Copps rocks my cradle.

Beatrice Petty said...


Sheila Copps. The sex pot of Canadian politics.

You ARE saucy!

Jay said...

Whoa, Tony Blair? Way funny. Yeah, I probably won't be looking into the political real for future friday fuckfests, but it was good for a giggle.

Cascadia said...

Hey, what about Belinda, the hot young thing that ran against Steven Harper for the Conservative leadership....I hear she is a nice piece of ass!

LuckySpinster said...

i live in america. we have no pilfs. they're all rich fat white bastards.

Capitaine said...

I can't say I find any politician attractive. I guess for me the simple fact they're politicians kind of turns me off! But thanks for sharing you opinions, very interesting!

Beatrice Petty said...

Cass: I have several male conservative friends (you know who they are) who thought Belinda was the cat's meow... but it could also have had something to do with the fact that she stinking rich.

Jay: lol. I'd be worried if you included any politician on you FNFF feature (which I love)... but seriously... Tony Blair... in a bathing suit? That's Hot!

LS: Oh come on... One person I did leave off because technically he isn't a politician anymore: Bill Clinton. We here in Canada have the hugest girlie crushes on BC... Having that much charisma should be against the law!

Cap: You know you WANT Paul Martin... admit it you flirt!

kopps said...

think highly of Mr. Mckay what though with "her" defection???

Beatrice Petty said...

Poor Peter...

His heart must be broken. I guess he's on the market again, so that's a good thing! Yay!!!

Thanks Belinda!