How Does Your Garden Grow?

Mine? Well... it's getting there.

Besides having a stack of work to do this past weekend, you could say that last weekend was one of the most eventless ever. True, I did head downtown on Saturday and ended up catching "Kingdom of Heaven". And while it is not the best movie ever... in no way does it make Orlando out to be history's greatest monster. My review? OB is in pretty much every scene, so if you can't stand looking at him, then you shouldn't go see the movie. If you are interested in the history of the Crusades, you should check it out and, it does give some insight as to why that part of the world is still mucked up to this day. I liked it. But then again, I liked Troy. And Dude Where's my Car.

The most rewarding part of the weekend was starting on the patio garden. I'm a pretty adept gardener, but I did learn one thing yesterday:

Potting soil is really, really, really heavy.

How is that for a deep thought? I would have liked to have done more, but it'll have to be done in baby steps because, um, potting soil is really, really, really heavy. For now, I've got a sunflower, some pansies and carnations on the go with more to follow. Hopefully some veggies and herbs shortly. Pretty soon, I hope to have our super-patio looking like a super-urban green space. Fingers crossed that I can have oodles more done by May 28th-- A year to the day that I arrived on the doorstep of this fabulous city... boxes in tow, no place to live, no job. What's a girl to do but throw a party to celebrate this special day... and the fact that I did not get eaten alive by the city as predicted by many people back home and our crazy landlord. I rule!



Cascadia said...

No kid, you did not get eaten alive! I think it was the best move of your life! We miss you tons and tons and tons back here.... good luck with the garden, and watch you back lugging up the potting soil!

mollyblogger said...

The patio sure looks purdy!