Return of the Jedi

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Ken Jennings is back! How darn diddly excited am I? Pretty darn diddly excited! The past couple of months of Jeopardy has been building up to this moment. I am just so glad they brought him back. It's the least they could do for someone who single handedly doubled the show's ratings. I can't remember the last time a total nerd was beloved by so many people. And by "so many"... I mean me. Go Ken Go!

Sadly, I will be missing his second appearance on said show due to a scheduling conflict. I'm off to see the Blue Jays - Bo Sox game this evening... super fun for sure, but you must all realize what that means? It means I also miss American Idol AND the season finale of House. Please don't feel sorry for me. I'm sure I'll get over it in time.

At least I see the finale-finale tomorrow... of which I think Bo is going to be the big winner (heehee...before I spell checked, I had written weiner. Bo is definitely NOT a weiner). Carrie is cute, and she has a great voice. I just don't think her appeal is wide enough. Not everyone goes in for "Country Pop". As always, only time will tell.


PS. Did anyone see Tom Cruise on Oprah yesterday? What the hell was that all about? He was jumping up and down on that chair like he had A.D.D. and forgot to take his Ritalin. Yikes!


mollyblogger said...

Tom Cruise looked mildly retarded. For such an esteemed actor, I'd think he'd have learned the difference between acting 'in love' and 'retarded'. For him there seemed to be no difference.

It was like Zoolander all over again. Can you say "Blue Steel"?

The Vixen said...

I saw him too. I just don't really know what to say about him. I read recently that he kinda dissed Brooke Shields and her new book "Down Came The Rain." because he believed her post pardum depression could be cured with vitamins and not Paxil.

Last time I checked, Tom wasn't a doctor and maybe he should stick to his day job.

And quit dating children. Katie Holmes? If you squint just right, you can see the green uniform and the cookies.

former pnb/ ulh said...

Here's a pattern for ya'...

Mimi Rogers, born Jan 27, 1956 (49 years old).

Nicole Kidman, born June 20, 1967 (39 years old).

Penelope Cruz, born April 28, 1974 (31 years old).

Katie Holmes, born Dec 18, 1978 (26 years old).

He rides a motorcycle and dyes his hair...can you say mid-life crisis?

I say his next squeeze will be a 1980's baby.

Beatrice Petty said...

former PNB:

I don't know what frightens me more. That you might possibly know all of Tom Cruise's ex-wives/girlfriends birthdates off the top of your head? Or that you spent time researching it?

Either way, I think you've hit the nail on the head. How much do you wanna bet that next time, it will be one of the Olsen twins?

Nic said...

It's my lucky day! I was born in the 80's...