Beat Me Over the Head With a Stick

Interesting story...

About a month ago, I came into contact with this guy from the already way to frequently mentioned online dating service site. Ahem. He's a comedian. Literally. A pretty promising up and coming one. If he plays his cards right, in a couple of years, he may appear on "Air Farce" or "This Hour". But he has been away for the past 3 weeks or so. He sent me an email a couple of days ago saying he was back in town after a tour to the Maritimes.

I'm kind of ambivalent about even meeting him... yes, I really AM that asexual right now. That was until I read my horoscope in the news* today.

* news: The Metro. The free "newspaper" you get for being a friend to the environment. Or in my case, being too chicken to drive in this city. And loving the environment.

Anyway, this particular psuedo-scientific fortune telling method literally said something to the effect of "Make a date with a comedian. And don't be late".

Am I the only one who thinks that is weird?

Bea (kinda spooked) Petty


theGuywiththeHat said...

Definitely weird.... Unless the Comedian has connections with The Metro. Hmmmm wasn't there a rather dubious "good guy" named "The Comedian" in The Watchmen Well, he was killed in the begining of the book so, this can't be the same guy.

Just some delerious ramblings from someone who's been at work for 14 hours and MIGHT get to go home in another 5 or 6....... But, hey there less than 2 hours left of Friday the 13th!!!!

Cascadia said...

Okay, wiggy! Truly wiggy. Go go go go go go go!

LuckySpinster said...


You gotta go, Bea.

wee said...

life is crazy like that - you stop looking and POW! and you aren't one to mess with the stars Bea. i think the mojo might be ready to make a comeback! comeback Bea's mojo, come back!

mrsmogul said...

Hey there, saw you on Girl Wide Web. Hmm, interesting that every free newspaper in every city is called METRO LOL! My uncle lives in TORONTO!

theGuywiththeHat said...

I should not have suggested drinking brandy on the patio. Well, not on Fri 13th. I try not to suggest anything on that day. Things just go very wrong. You could have died! :) Sorry about that.

But, now that Fri. 13 is over, I feel confident in saying "Go out with that guy!" He's a comedian, right? He's bound to be interesting and funny. He is cute, right? You should at the very least have a fun evening. You might even find your mojo or find a new mojo looking for someone to love :)

Beatrice Petty said...

Thanks everyone!

I'm totally ready for the mojo to come back too. Watching soft pron on Friday night TV just isn't cutting it anymore.

Looks like it won't be with the comedian though as he hasn't called to make definite meeting plans.


Actually, it's all good... Star Wars is calling to me...

ulh / former pnb said...

What in God's green earth is Soft Pron?...just kidding, I am all too familiar with late night CityTV soft PORN.

If the comedian took the time to re-connect after a long trip out East, I am sure he will not stop there, expect a call.

Since you have used the word "literally" a couple of times in your last Post, is the comedian "that guy"?

Glad to hear the mojo is coming back, I knew it wouldn't take long.

Go Bea Go!

Beatrice Petty said...


Ah, the Baby Blue movie. My good friend.

LOL... the comedian is not the "I literally" guy. I am hoping that the comedian's comedy is a little less accidental than that. I like to laugh WITH my dates as opposed to AT them.

And he still hasn't called, so, like, whatever.

PS. Sorry you feel that I "you" bash all the time. I can't help it, it makes for good stories.