Didn't Get the Memo


"From 2002 until recently, women in their thirties had the scales tipped in their favor - for every million women, there was actually an excess of about 80,000 men of the same age".

Or so says the above linked article that I stumbled across today.

Bea wonders where she was when there was this so-called "overabundance" of single men? The article goes on to say that the scales have now tipped back in favour of men.

Hmmph. It would seem that my mojolessness has come at a most convenient time. And it sooooooooooo explains why there are very few interesting men on magmalife all of a sudden.

Magma. Now that's a fun word to say.



Cascadia said...

Damn it! I was with someone in 2002. Damn damn damn.

Beatrice Petty said...

Once again... proof that the universe has a twisted sense of humour!

mollyblogger said...

I, too, had a somebody in 2002. Of course he had a somebody too.. other than me. So, hey, I was being thrifty with my surplus.

Beatrice Petty said...

Way to be so thoughtful Molly... not using up your quota of the surplus so the rest of us could have a better chance. You are so selfless.

Girl said...

Magma..Magma..Magma..Magma..Magma..Magma..Magma..Magma..Magma..Magma..You're right!

wee said...

I (not unlike George Clooney) enjoy saying Tootie!

Beatrice Petty said...

Who doesn't love saying "Tootie"? And as Wee knows, I am also a big fan of the word "lucrative".

Favorite phrase?

"Dis is not a sha wade. We need toto concentwation. Now, once again. Dis time wif fee-wing".