The Blue Jays (and Ben Affleck) Rule!

Dancin Homer
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What do the World Series Champions, Ben Affleck, a guy making out with a hot dog, cheesy breakdancers, retardedly expensive crappy beer and I all have in common?

We were all at Rogers Centre to catch the ball game last night. There was a group of us who went for a friend's birthday and we somehow managed to score some pretty freaking sweet seats, 22 rows up from the first base line. Great seats, but from now on, I will no longer be content to sit up in the cheap section.

Dammit, the nosebleed section was good enough for old Bea before now. Amazing that seeing how the other half lives can do for you.

Anyway, good seats and great action were the themes of the evening. The game was pretty much neck and neck until the very last inning. The Jays had the last "at bat" and with 2 outs and 2 on base, a home run was hit and the game was over. Great for us, but poopy for the surprising number of Boston fans in attendance. How embarrassing for them that they keep losing to the Jays. I love it!

And seeing as how we are on the topic of Red Sox fans, as you may have guessed, everyone's favorite celebrity poker player was in attendance and sitting about 20 feet from us. Poor Benny, when the camera zeroed in on him, the entire crowd pretty much booed him. Besides a few box office stinkeros of late, he is just not deserving of such ire.

I blame J-Lo.

Here ye, here ye... I've decided that from now on, I will no longer to taking any responsibility for anything that goes wrong in my life (and the world). It will ALWAYS be J-Lo's fault.

Loss of Mojo? J-Lo's fault.

Bad case of writer's block? That's right, J-lo.

Cat puking? J-Lo's doing.

Mad Cow disease? Again J-Lo.

Bad weather? You guessed it, J-LO.

Didn't win the lottery last week? Yep, her again.

Ken Jennings losing on Jeopardy 2 nights in a row? Uh-huh, J-Lo.

George Bush winning last November's election? Stupid J-Lo.

I think you see where I am going with this.

Re: Tonight's American Idol. It think it's safe to say that if Bo does not win... we all know who to blame.



PS... I know the former-PNB is dying to know how the new Roger Centre's renovations look. The new astro-turf is a really, really, really, really pretty shade of green. I love being a girl. Tee Hee.


LuckySpinster said...

Um, do you think it'd be okay to blame JLo for my budding lip-pimple?

Rhein said...

and for my broken foot...

Beatrice Petty said...

Feel free to blame J-Lo for EVERYTHING... I'm serious, it'll make you feel tonnes better.

Take last night for example... Bo lost. J-Lo will get her comeuppance one day.

Beatrice Petty said...

Oh, and Ken Jennings losing on Jeopardy... J-Lo.