Public Service Announcement

Just had a peak at my blog search stats and I thought I would do all you Googlers (not to confused with eugooglers... those who speak at funerals) a service and put up some information on the Mixture event happening this Wednesday at Holt Renfrew on Bloor.

Tickets, if still available, are 15$ and are to be had through Holt Renfrew's concierge desk. The above link should take you to their number. Supposedly, they were selling 500 tickets and as of last week, HR said that they were close to selling out. When asked what the ratio of guys and girls was, we were told that it was about equal. Having been in the cosmetics department at Holt renfrew, I am at a loss as to how they are going to fit 500 people in there... but hey, I'm not the party planner so we'll just have to wait and see.

The event is sponsored by Bacardi, among others, and your tickets gets you a few free drinks. At least, that was what we were told. The gal I am going with already has some guys she is tentatively meeting there, even before we go. I am hoping that a "few" free drinks means, like, 10. Otherwise it is going to be a very long night. But seriously, it's going to be fun.

Enough about that... let's talk about me. More importantly, what the heck am I going to wear? The event is two days away and I have no ideas save for the fancy little black sequined shoes I bought yesterday. I'm undecided if I want to go all out and get all fancy-pants on yo ass, or be casual? Being casual would go well with my "this is the most ridiculous thing ever!!!" attitude that I have towards this thing. But as I have nothing to lose, I could totally vamp out and have a bit of fun with it. I'll ask the Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards tonight.

And for all those people who searched on the internet for this soiree and found me... if you end up going, don't be shy. Come one over and say Hello. It's all about meeting new people after all. I'll be in Jessica Simpson Dessert Treats section, where I hope to snag some Bubble Gum Lip Candy.

Jessica says: "I love the sheerness and shimmer. They are just so yummy, I can't stop licking my lips!"

Who can resist that endorsement?



Cascadia said...

Definitely vamp it up you vixen! A girl doesn't get to play princess everyday! Oh yeah, Jessica's stuff - freaking awesome! I own the Taste perfume and I have to stop from licking myself, yum yum!

LuckySpinster said...

it's always better to be overdressed than underdressed.

ooh, i'm gonna do a reading tonight, too! thanks for giving me the idear!

Beatrice Petty said...

Thanks for your advice ladies on what to wear tomorrow. I never did do a reading last night for this, for as the roomie pointed out... the GFT cards don't get THAT specific. I will do one tonight to find out how the tomorrow will go though.

Still not sure what to wear... arghhhhhh.