What can I say except to say that I have nothing to say. It's just been one of those weeks where nothing much has happened... hence the posting about my cat.

Nothing really happening on the dating front as Lavalife seems to be full of "time wasters" this go around. Molly and Girl do not seem to be having this problem, but somewhere hidden between the lines of my superbly written profile is the phrase "Waste my time, Please! Seriously, I really have nothing better to do with my life" over and over and over again. What a difference a couple of months makes.

Oh sure, I did discover a fab new TV program last night... Little Britain... reminiscent of Monty Python's Flying Circus in that it is a sketch comedy with just a few people making up the bulk of the characters and that it is uber silly. But seeing as how I am the only one I know who finds Monty Python even remotely appealing, chances are not a lot of you will find this new discovery anything to get excited about. Curiously, there is a character very similar to Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys. This show is further proof, that while I love being Canadian, that I really should be living in the UK. Curse my morals for not allowing me to move to Scotland to be with some guy who I didn't see a future with when I had the chance!

And last but not least, on this oh so beautiful Toronto day where I had nothing whatsoever to say that was even remotely interesting... I was reminded today that there is a whole other world out there... a world where it is perfectly acceptable, nay, encouraged that one should spend $150 on a tank top that looks like something that came out of my Mother's closet. And that when something in the "nearly free" sale section is still over $200... well, let's just say that even when pigs can fly (and don't doubt that it will never happen... I'm sure some crazy ass scientist is working away in his lab on just such a genetic monstrosity at this very moment... just so that when someone says "when pigs fly"... i.e. George Bush saying "I'll resign when pigs can fly"... he can say "Ha, take that Bushy"...) you won't see me in there. I'll stick to the Gap and H&M thank you very much. Yikes!


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TheatreChick73 said...

When I need real comedy, I head right for Monty Python. Where else would one go? They were my inspiration when I directed my first one act. It seemed logical...Eugene Ianesco's "The Bald Soprano." During my research I found out HE inspired THEM.

And so the circle goes on...