"...Last Thursday fourteen Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince books were inadvertently sold in Canada. A judge commanded the customers to stay silent about the book, and forbade them to sell it or even look at it before Saturday."

Bea needs someone to explain to her how it would be possible for the judge to know that these people were not looking at the book before Saturday.

Do you think they installed video cameras throughout the house? The bathroom even? Those people have more resolve than I ever would. I have visions of hiding the book under a pile of clothes only to have it turn up on the table, or the patio, or the couch, the fridge even. There it would appear, taunting me, always.

"Read me Beatrice... READ ME... You know you want to... no one would ever know... it would be just between you and me...I won't tell Molly, I swear... mwahahahahahahaha".

I solemnly declare that I will not enter, or even pass by a bookstore before midnight Friday lest some errant bookseller has accidentally shelved the forbidden book.

Yours in fortitude,

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Nic said...

They have to return the book, but they will be rewarded with a signature. I would rather have her signature than read the book a couple of days early. I think I would at least....