The Lord Giveth...

And the lord taketh away.

As stated on Monday's posting... tonight's uber super week event was TGIT TV Night. The one night of the week where I will go out of my way to not make any plans as there is much goodness to be had on the tele.

And that's when the knock came.

"Um, hello... you've been pirating cable for the last year, so, we, um... turned it off".

And on good TV night too. Dammit.

So... now we have to pay for cable. What else were we to do? I'm convinced that the Universe randomly throwing us the Moka Only bone last night meant that something else had to give. And that something was our free cable. One can only laugh. Thanks again for your cooperation, Universe.


Beatrice Petty said...

Re: uber super week TV night... right. Turns out that House was a repeat so uber super week TV night turned out to be uber NOT super TV night... but at least our cable is clear...

Who knew that pirated cable equaled fuffy inferior cable anyway???

mollyblogger said...

"When the lord closes a door, somewhere he opens a window." I take this to mean that our dating lives will now improve.

Losing cable was all part of karmic balancing.

john boy said...

Yes, ladies your spirits should feel lighter now :)