Note to Self

Refrain from blogging about exciting events that are happening in your life until they have ACTUALLY happened.

Sincere apologies to all of you who were under the impression that I was going to have a fantabulous week last week. Not that I didn't have a fantabulous week... it was just not as fantabulously jam packed with events as originally outlined.

About the only things that I actually did that I had so excitedly told you about were a) The Maddy on Wednesday and b) The Wedding Crashers on Friday (fyi... Vince Vaughn, who now tops my celebrity boyfriend list... brilliant). I did get HP&THBP, albeit a day late... and due to circumstances out of my and the roomies' control, the little day trip to Harry Pottersville was cancelled... And now.................... while still only halfway through the book... I am TERRIFIED to read any more. Knowing that some important character is going to die... all I can think about is who... whooooooooooooooooooooo is it going to be??? I am equally terrified after hearing Molly unequivocally state that she does "not like the direction Ms. Rowling is taking the story".

And on a completely unrelated topic... Somehow Bea has been automatically lumped under Molly's new "go out on a date at least once a month" umbrella... I do not have a Mr. July lined up and I am about as likely to get one as Vince Vaughn is to show up on my patio tonight... I'm sorry peeps, there just ain't nuthin' good out there for the old girl. Seriously... if you are going to start an Instant Message with me (yep... another IM) by saying "helo thought you would be interested in some intellectual convo... is so gte back to me", there are a couple of things wrong with that. Firstly, you have sent me an IM, so I already do not think that you are the most intellectual person on the planet. Secondly, your sentence of introduction (and your profile btw) is neither grammatically correct or free of spelling errors... Up for an intellectual conversation... always, but I don't see myself is so gteing back to you. Sorry. And that folks, in a nutshell, is what is out there in the land o'dating. Yikes.

Bea Out


theGuywiththeHat said...

I re-checked and, you did not say that you wanted to join in on that plan. You just wanted to start a calendar or Molly's boys. So, I take back that part of my last comment.

Bummer on all the unexpected problems with the "week of fantastic stuff to do." I got my copy of HBP today. It actually came in Thursday but, I had it shipped to my work. So, don't talk about the story until I catch up.

mollyblogger said...

Okay, and for the record, we did have a Fabu Friday night. You forgot, we met up with a celebrity and tried to convince a bunch of candy pushers that it was really him.

As for HBP... I'm still very upset but I won't say any more than that.