I Get it Already!!!


It was with great reluctance that I went out for lunch with my new team from work. Not reluctant because of the company, but leary due to their choice of establishments. Just down the street from the office there is a little pub/restaurant called Scallywags.

At first, Scallywags was good to me. Nice portions, not super expensive. I didn't (and still do not) agree with their anti "non-stop pop" policy (I'm sorry, if I am going to pay 2$ for a glass of Coke, I want to be able to drink as much as I want... common decency here folks! And if you could but a little less ice in the glass, that would be swell too). At any rate, it was close and the food is good. But then I got cocky. That's when things started to go downhill.

It was the first nice patio day of the season. A few of us decided to partake in their newly renovated roof-top patio only to find it terribly busy. Not to worry, we all thought... it won't be busy inside, let's just head down there and save the patio for another time...


An hour later, there we were... still no food and no hopes of getting it anytime soon. Our server had long given up any effort of trying to.. well... make an effort. So we just left. Without paying for our 2$ non-non-stop pops I might add. You'd have thought that with us being the ONLY table inside and her only customers (there were about 7 of us), that she might have welcomed our business. Live and Learn.

A few weeks later, Girl and I decided to go for lunch, just the two of us... you know, gab about boys and our lack of understanding thereof etc... we managed to get a seat on the patio and once again, it was a full 15 minutes before we were served. I ordered a pizza, which I am apt to do on the *ahem* odd occasion/ whenever humanly possible. When it finally came, to my great displeasure, it was besieged with onions... an entire onion was littering my individual pizza. Now, I can deal with a few onions, but when I say to myself, would you like some pizza with those onions... that's a little much. Never mind the fact that nowhere on the menu did it say that my pepperoni and mushroom pizza even came with onions. I finally flagged the girl down, explained that I "can't (wink) eat onions" and with much attitude she took it away and they made me a whole other pizza. By the time my lunch arrived, Girl had long finished her meal and I was left to enjoy the pizza that love forgot alone. I swore then and there that I would not go back to Scallywags.

I think you can all guess what happened today. Upon hearing that Scallywags was indeed to restaurant of choice, my heart sank... just a little. But I was hopeful. Hopeful to the last. Everything started off smoothly. Ordered my limited supply of poppage and that came with little effort on anyone's part. Along with everyone else, I ordered my lunch... no quieter or louder than the others. I spoke in plain english with no hint of an accent whatsoever. I was the first one to order and I was sitting the closest to her... But when everyone else's lunch arrived, mine was no where to be found.

"I'm sorry, were you waiting on something?" I was asked by the food runner. "Um, yes, I ordered the Mediterranean Chicken Sandwich" I replied, to which the runner promptly responded to by sprinting down to the kitchens. She came up a few minutes later and said that my lunch would be another 2 minutes. Whatever... Once again, most of my party had finished eating by the time my lunch arrived. I did get my lunch for free though, so that was a plus, but c'mon now... wtf?

So Universe, if you are listening... I Get it... I won't go to Scallywags EVER again!!! Satisfied?!?!?!


theGuywiththeHat said...

Yeah, that stuff happens to almost everyone from time to time but, this seems to be a pattern. Do you think the place is built on the ruins of another place where you did bad stuff in a previous life? :)

Beatrice Petty said...

GH... that is entirely possible, although I hate to think that I did bad stuff in a previous life. Although that would explain other stuff too... For example, Molly's cat peeing on my bed. How does that saying go? Cats only pee on bad people's beds??? Or something like that.

Courtney said...

Onions are disgusting. Ick. :)