Canadians Don't Love Everybody

Do a google search for "Canadian Tire Guy" and man oh man... who knew that he inspired such ire in our country. I mean, I knew that he drove me insane, with his

"Hahaha, oh Jim, you won't see me breaking my back shovelling snow from my driveway. Nope, I've got the Snowmeister 8000. Not only does it clear my drive way of snow in next to no time, but it also pays my bills, walks my dog AND sleeps with my wife", and his

"Oh Jim, you are such an idiot, with all of your different hoses. Didn't you know that for only 2,000$ you too could own this retractable hose system that makes you life only slightly easier?"

And not to worry, the wife is just as bad. Little does he know that his kids are going to get the living crap kicked out of them when they head to school.

Enough has been said on this subject already. Thank you for your time.


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