It's Getting Hot in Here

I have a theory.

And my theory goes something like this. Salvador Dali was NOT a Surrealist. Nope, you see, what the Art History books will not tell you is that Dali spent a lot of time painting in Canada throughout his lifetime. Specifically, he painted many of his well known works in Toronto... in the summer... during heat waves not unlike the one we are experiencing now. The Clocks you see above? They were LITERALLY melting. No optical illusion intended. Dali was painting what he saw with his own two eyes, and what he saw were clocks clocks melting in the heat and humidity of an unusually hot and humid summer in the Big Smoke.

And if heat like that can melt a clock, think about what it is doing to us poor organic creatures. Sufficed to say, it has caused more than one malady in our household of late. The heat is frustrating me for a couple of reasons. As TO only has two seasons: Hot and Cold, with the colder season lasting far longer than the warmer one... one wants to get out and enjoy the great outdoors as much as possible... lunch time in the park etc... However, when the temperature is 55 degrees Celsius plus humidity on top of that... sitting in a park at lunch becomes more like sitting in an oven. A sticky, smelly, hazy oven.

That being said, if you have nothing better to do in the evenings than sit on a patio and relax, it's amazing. Once the sun goes down in BC you usually need long pants and a sweater. In TO, you could be naked 24 hours a day and be perfectly comfortable, albeit it stupid hot during the day. That's assuming, of course, that you are comfortable walking around, doing your daily business sans clothing. Unfortunately for me (but most fortunate for everyonee else in this city) I am not one of those people. Anyway, here's hoping for a little break in the heat. Go High pressure system, Go! You can do eet!

"Melting" Beatrice Petty

PS. Finished HP&THBP last night. Will have to disagree with the roomie on this one. Loved it and can't see what other direction she could have taken it, with just one book left in the series. I will refrain from saying that Snape is about to be put on the "people who really annoy me" list. Oops, I just did. Feel better now that I have that off my chest. Thanks.

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mollyblogger said...

I don't know, man. This heat has a couple benefits. I lose 10 lbs in water weight every time I step outside.

Of course, losing 10 lbs could also have something to do with the heat-induced vomiting that gripped me last weekend.

Mmm.... heat....

p.s. I can't wait til southern ontario single-handedly takes out the east coast power grid due to overwhelming power demand to fuel people's A/Cs. Good times!