Hit the Road Jacques


What's the deal with the President of France lately? If his goal is the make the French appear even more arrogant than many people around the world already perceive them to be... he's doing a super job.

OK, so British food is not the healthiest food on the planet nor, one could argue, even remotely appealing under the best of circumstances. I am however, a huge fan of their battered halibut with chips... Oh god, here we are, 10:30 and and I would kill for some halibut and chips. How irritating... So, not the best food in the world but come on now...

"You can't trust people who cook as badly as that"


All the problems with NATO can be blamed on haggis???

I'm not much of a haggis love either, having only tried it once to make my then Scottish boyfriend happy. The haggis itself wasn't the problem, it was the after taste. Ick. But still, to blame the delicacy for all the back and forth bickering that goes on between the NATO countries is going a tad overboard.

But wait, the Brits were not the only country to bear the ire of the Monsieur... those evil Finns were just begging to be slighted. In fact, you could argue that they got off even worse, as their food is apparently even worse than that of England. I feel I must remove myself from any judgment of this cuisine as my knowledge is limited to knowing only the seafood type delicacies and Bea hates seafood in any shape or form... unless heavily battered in beer of course, as was previously stated.

But despite all the insults thrown at the Brits, hottie Blair has yet to make an issue out of it. He took the high road and for that I am impressed. So what gives with this sudden onslaught of rudeness??? Isn't it plainly obvious? Jacques is jealous. HE didn't make the hottie politician list. HE wasn't photographed in his bathing suit looking all hottie politician-like. HIS wife has not been quoted saying that her husband is a sex god.

Get over it Jacques! I'll take fish and chips over a bunch of slimy, slithering snails any day!



lornStar said...

sooo.. you write something about that dumbass Vin Diesel movie THE PACIFIER and you get 18 responses.. and you write something intellectual about the president of france and what-not.. and you get ZERO responses.. save for me... shows the intellectual level of your readership... no?

Beatrice Petty said...

What can I say... my peeps just aren't into current affairs that don't involve Vin Diesel I guess.

wee said...

duh...jack who?

john boy said...

Of course he was not including fish n' chips. There's a reason they are so popular in England, what else are you going to eat? LOL But, actually there are many English foods that I enjoy.

This was a fun and somewhat silly incident. I'm not sure it rises to the level of "intellectual" discussion though ;)

mollyblogger said...

Tell Lornstar to take his meds.

And p.s. don't go dissing escargot. I happen to like escargot.


LuckySpinster said...

escargot ROCKS.

theGuywiththeHat said...

I'll admit that down here, we eat a lot of "strange" things but, I've never tried escargot.

Beatrice Petty said...

Snails are gross, but unlike Jacques, I will refrain from making sweeping judgements about those who enjoy them.

JB... Not intellectual agreed, but I can certainly start going there if you wish.

Had Kind Edward VIII, a nazi sympathizer, not abdicated the English throne, the outcome of WW2 would have been decidely different. Discuss.

john boy said...

Oh my, she's so brainy :P