Since You Asked...

Lucky Spinster meme'd me for this meme.

Inquiring minds want to know....

What is on Beatrice's desk? **
(**please note, this happy gentleman is NOT on my desk. Sadly)

From Left to Right

1) Files

2) Fax from the University of Madrid sent erroneously to our organization. Note to self: check on progress of translation letter informing them that they sent it to the wrong place.

3) Meridian 2 Line telephone. When one incoming call is just not enough.

4) Rolodex full of people's contact info that I will never need to use. What do you think Outlook is for?

5) Uniball Vision fine tip pen. Colour: purple.

6) One Labtec speaker.

7) SyncMaster 710v flat screen monitor.

8) The other Labtec speaker.

9) "Sign Here" Post-it thingies.

10) Kleenex box full of elastic bands.

11) Mouse with a red light that lights up when you use it. Teehee.

12) Tim Hortons' coffee mug. Oh Canada...

13) Office Caddy 3000... highlighters, pens, ruler, liquid paper, stapler etc...

14) Box of 30th generation recycled Kleenex-like tissue. You better hope your nose ain't running!!! Ever!

15) More files.

16) Labels. Avery 05162 AND 05366. I've got all the bases covered.

17) Two tickets to the Live 8 Concert in Barrie from July 2nd.

18) Yet more files.

Aren't you glad you asked???

Mollyblogger, Guy With the Hat, Sir John (Molly, you'll let him know yes?), Courtney.

On your marks, get set, GO!


mollyblogger said...

Sadly, I fear Sir John no longer blogs... one of those live today, blog tomorrow kind of people... losers ;)

On my desk from left to right:

1) Series bible for kids series

2) Massive Starbucks travel mug, empty

3) 4-line meridian phone (when 2 aren't enough)

4) my (what did you call it?) book of power? anyway, my planner/organizer.

5) tums

6) Rolodex filled with the same addresses that are in my book of power (I also have these names and addresses on my computer address book-- I'm very thorough).

7) three kinds of lip balm

8) antique iMac, orange

9) three kinds of hand cream

10) box of mini DVs

11) stapler, not swingline

12) pile of things I should have mailed yesterday

13) pile of scripts I should have read last month

C'est tout. So terribly interesting, I'm sure.

Gotta love memes.

greg said...

hi bea, came across your site while blogsurfing...enjoyed reading your posts. i'm originally from peterborough (my dad was born there, my mom was from mactier), but grew up in michigan. i love toronto...been there 40-50 times, it's truly a great town. as for my desk here at, what a mess.

1. monitor, keyboard, printer, modem, fax machine...not necessarily in that order(?).

2. several cd's...count basie, wes montgomery, bach's brandenbeg concertos.

3. a "far side" calendar...i got it strictly for the cartoons...a "get bucky" calendar, ditto.

4. a calculator...for the times when fingers just won't do.

5. smithsonian magazine...because sometimes you just want to feel like an intellectual.

6. a stuffed moose wearing a scarf
and sweater (apparently moose are impervious to hot humid weather, eh) expression of my canadian heritage.

7. stapler, assorted pens and pencils, box of envelopes, tape (makes it look like i actually do "real" work at my desk).

8. banker's style desk lamp...nice aesthetic quality.

9. file box w/floppy disks...helps with the"real" work illusion.

10. webster's dictionary, oxford dictionary of quotations, the works of charles dickens, ny public library desk reference, michigan court rules and michigan bar journal directory...more aesthetics.

11. a pile of files...completes the illusion.

12. a bag of jelly beans...i just love jelly beans.

13. a really cute plaque with 3 kittens strutting their stuff and the caption..."every dog has his day, but the nights belong to us pussycats!!!"

14. a map of the northeastern u.s. (just in case i have to make a quick getaway).

15. a picture of mary and me and the world's cutest granddaughter...i leave this one to your imagination...just think beautiful, increbibly cute and me.

16. a cordless phone, which isn't plugged that's why it never rings!!!

17. a package of aa if only i could remember what they're for!!!