Have You Seen This Man???

Here are the facts:

Fact no.1. Hugh Laurie has a doppelganger.

Fact no.2 Hugh Laurie's doppelganger lives in Toronto (he's also a corporate banker, but that is neither here nor there).

Fact no.3. Hugh Laurie's doppelganger attends the Six Degrees of Separation parties.

Fact no.4. Hugh Laurie's doppelganger is a total nerd.

Fact no.5. Beatrice thinks Hugh Laurie's doppelganger is, like, the most adorable nerd ever!

Fact no.6. Beatrice wants to date a nerd.

It's all true. All of it. The party last night was sort of a flop, for what it was supposed to be anyway. Totally wrong venue. It was too big and no one really knew who was there for the SDOS to-do or who was there for the "alleged" 3$ drinks. That's not to say that it wasn't fun... but... ooh, I am so ashamed to say this. Last night was the night that Bea lost her nerve.

I had really hoped that my mini-Hugh was going to be there last night. And he was. And Molly tried with all her might to get that party started, but it was not in the cards. Of course, it did not help whatsoever that whenever Molly attempted to drag me over to where mini-Hugh was, I would put up such a fight that I surely attracted more attention to myself than not. It also didn't help that, despite his extreme nerdiness (I didn't think you could buy pants that sat that high up anymore... or Hush Puppy loafers even), he was always surrounded by a gaggle of girls. It's not fair. That's what the zebras and metros are for... you can have all of them... leave the nerds for meeeeeeee. Could I be a bigger baby? I think not.

At any rate, I met lots of nice people (thanks Girl et al.). I met some crazy people (don't be talking to me about being 28 and your life not worth living because you are single. That sh*t's just bananas!). And then I left.

Anyone know where I can find some nerds?




LuckySpinster said...

you've found your mr. july!

LuckySpinster said...

oh, and i tagged you for another meme! but this one is optional. ;)

Beatrice Petty said...

LS... re: Mr. July... you mis-read... never got the nerve to even talk to him... looks like Mr. July will remain Creative Speller. Also, where's the meme? Can't seem to find it.

theGuywiththeHat said...

He's been waiting his entire, pitiful, nerdy life just to meet you and, you bailed :( I'm sure that's what he's thinking "If I had just not worn the hush puppies, Bea might have talked to me. I'm such a dork." :( You gotta give him a chance next time.

Beatrice Petty said...

I guess I made no sense in my posting... The fact that he WAS a nerd (glasses, pants, hush puppies etc...) was totally the attraction... It wasn't like I wasn't willing to give hima chance, I was too chicken to even go up and talk to the guy. So ashamed :(