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I was thinking this morning about the first time I started working at Ye Olde High-Performance Sport Organization back in September of last year. It was a crazy, crazy week. In addition to learning a whole new job in a whole new environment, I was also volunteering every night at the Toronto International Film Festival. Good times but man oh man, was I ever tired.

Cut to present day. Today is the first day in my new role and once again I find my first week to be chopper block full of excitement. I can't remember the last time so much fun stuff was going on in one week.

In a nutshell:

Monday: tentatively going to see Much Ado About Nothing in High Park... of course, I am not sure how keen I am about seeing it in 40 degree Celsius heat...

Tuesday: TGIT TV Night. Canadian Idol followed by House. Ah, Hugh Laurie... an unlikely celebrity boyfriend, but a celebrity boyfriend nonetheless.

Wednesday: The patio at the Maddy, as per usual.

Thursday: 2005 Toronto International Film Festival volunteer orientation. Has year gone by already? Here's hoping for more celebrity BFs in attendance-- Mr. Darcy is looking pretty lonely on our refrigerator as of late!

Friday: Will attend The Wedding Crashers with the roomie.

aaaaaaaaaaand thhheeeeeeeeeeennnnnn...

The most exciting day in 2 years is almost upon us folks. Friday midnight is the release of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. With pre-purchased copies already under our belt, we will sprint from the movie to attend an evening of Harry Potter festivities at the bookstore from whence I purchased the books. The roomie and I are fully looking forward to be the oldest "non-parents" in attendance. Yippee!

Saturday: At the risk of sounding like an even bigger dork than I already do after expounding my excitement regarding the release of a simple childrens' book...this weekend is Toronto Trek, the weekend when all the freaks and geeks come out to play. The plan is to mosey on down to that and attend my first Star Trek convention. Words cannot express how much this means to me.

Sunday: reading HP on the patio. I am hard pressed to think of any event that would entice me to do anything but sit on my arse and read. Anyone up for a little book party? I am very good at reading out loud. I do the voices and everything.

Oh Lord. Is there any chance that anyone will still think I am moderately cool after this posting??? I'm thinking it will be a bloody miracle if I see any of you again after today.



Wee said...

Oh Bea, I still love you! HP I get but Star Trek, not so much. But to each his own (or her own in this case). If there was a General Hospital convention here in Van this weekend, you can bet your booty I would be attending!!

LuckySpinster said...

whoa. maybe we're not as alike as i thought. hank potter AND star trek? whoa. i'm not judging. just...whoa.

mollyblogger said...

yep, it's official Bea.

we're becoming a universe unto ourselves.

oh well. solidarity sista!

Beatrice Petty said...

For some reason, I am feeling the serious need to defend myself particularily re: the Star Trek Convention. However, due to the PG nature of this blog, I cannot. There might be children reading dammit!

Please know that I may or may not have 100% of my wits about me while I am there. That is all.

LuckySpinster said...

don't defend on my account. i'm not criticizing. i'm just saying. i'm saying whoa.

have a groovalicious time!

live well and prosper.

theGuywiththeHat said...

Bea, I hate to tell you but.... I really don't think you will anywhere near the oldest non-parent at the HP festivities. I would knock over little old ladies and step on them to get to see Linus Torvalds (he's the guy who invented Linux... nevermind, it's a way-out-there, too-weird techno geek thing). OK, I wouldn't do that but, I'd think it. So, I can't say anything about the ST convention except, Have you seen "Galaxy Quest"?

Beatrice Petty said...

GH: re: Star Trek convention/ Galaxy Quest... ExACtly!!! You know what I'm saying brotha!

TheatreChick73 said...

Don't defend your Star Trek trips! Those things are fun just to people watch. Some of the seminars and speeches can be cool too. But I remember at the last one I went to I suddenly didn't feel quite so alone and not nearly as dorky. I was downright cool!

Course, I wasn't in costume so how cool could I be right?

Two other random thoughts:

Hugh Laurie....finally someone else gets him.

You volunteer at the TO Film Festival?! jealous.