Meme'd Again

Apparently, the Lucky Spinster thinks I have nothing better to do on a Friday night... Damn her for being right!!!

1. What are the 3 stupidest things you've ever done in your life?

1. Perm my hair when I was younger. Perms together with my liberal use of Sun-in? Yikes. Can you say Annie?
2. Stop working out.
3. Not taken university seriously enough.

2. At the current moment, who has the most influence in your life?


3. If you were given a time machine that functioned, and you were allowed to only pick up five people to dine with, who would you pick?

1. Imhotep... architect to the earliest Pharoahs of the Old Kingdom of Egypt. I've got some theories that I desperately want to run by him.
2. Any member of Monty Python (assuming that this time machine also picked up people who were also alive, if not... Graham Chapman will do very nicely).
3. Herodotus... Oh, the stories he could tell.
4. Jane Austen (as someone who bases her characters on people she knows... I NEED to know who, if anyone she based Mr. Darcy on).
5. King Arthur. Personal reasons.

4. If you had three wishes that were not supernatural, what would they be?

1. To get my creative mojo back.
2. To get back into shape without having to get my fat ass to the gym... I know, this must be done, sans magique. So mote it be.
3. To be able to sleep like normal insomnia-free people.

5. Someone is visiting your hometown/place where you live at the moment. Name two things you regret your city not having, and two things people should avoid.
I WISH Toronto HAD
Micro-brewed British Columbia beers and
Clean, fresh air.

AVOID IN Toronto
The neighbourhood I live in and
China Town in the summer. Stinkeroo.

6. Name one event that has changed your life.
Living outside of Canada. Doing this made me understand what it is to be Canadian. To see how people from different parts of the world view Canada and Canadians, not to mention how great we have it here... I never want to NOT be Canadian, wherever my adventure in life takes me. I AM CANADIAN!

ps. Sorry... led a sheltered life.

I am not going to tag anyone, but I would love to know people's thoughts re: #3... If you had a time machine and could pick up some peeps to dine with... I reckon that can tell me a lot about y'all. Chalk it up to my grand desire to learn more about human nature.


LuckySpinster said...

sorry. :) you're just one of my fave bloggers, so i always think, what would bea have to say about this?

greg said...

very interesting question. my first choice would be my mom and dad...but i'll pick 5 historical characters in keeping with the spirit of your question...

1. jesus...i don't think i need to say anything many questions could be answered!!!

2. siddhartha gautama...ditto.

3. the unknown inventor of the wheel...a quantum leap for mankind.

4. leonardo da of the name it...of all time. a mind that was so brilliant and so far ahead of his time.

5.abraham lincoln...truly the greatest american (with no apologies to ronald reagan).

if i may be allowed some honorable mentions: benjamin franklin, shakespeare, julius caesar, mozart and mark twain (we need a little levity to lighten this up!!!)

Beatrice Petty said...

Aw, thanks LS... ps. still sad that you took comments off your blog.

Greg, these kinds of dinners do indeed have the possibility of getting very dull ... hence my choice to bring a Python... just to make things lively. I would be willing to bet that Imhotep is not a laugh-a-minute kind of guy. But that Jesus guy, on the other hand... He wrote the book on knock knock jokes... or so I hear.

greg said...

bea, are you talking about the real imhotep or the mummy. the real one was kind of an ancient egyptian "leonardo"...he is often referred to as the first doctor...but he had myriad talents. the mummy, on the other hand, well i think mum's the word on him...definitely not much of a conversationalist, neat threads though!!! you know, after 12 years of catholic school, all the brainwashing, liberation in college and law school...there are still so many questions i would like to have answered.

Capitaine said...

Hey Bea,

I'm just in front of my computer for 2 minutes, but I wanted to say hi! I sent you an e-mail to your bea address last week.

I'll have more time to write starting next week, and I'll make sure to answer these questions, they're good!

Take care!

Courtney said...

Marilyn Monroe. Without a doubt. The woman was so fascinating and so troubled. I would love to get inside her head.

Really, any starlet from her time. I was born in the wrong era.

mollyblogger said...

I'm with Greg, Jesus and Buddha would be on my list...

along with Nefertiti, Jacques Cousteau and Plato.

greg said...

hey guys, (hope you don't mind, i have 3 daughters and i call them "guys" all the time), here's one i posted on our blog earlier this the 5 most annoying people of the year...there are so many great choices. these were my picks:

1. george w.
2. michael jackson
3. tom cruise
4. bill o'reilly
5. kwame kilpatrick (if you live in metro detroit)
honorable mention - oprah

Beatrice Petty said...


Oddly enough, we have some of the same people on our lists, although I would put Tom-Kat instead of just Tom. George W. for sure. Jacques Chirac is on there somewhere, as is Britney Spears. That's all I can think of right now.

Hootin' said...

Beatrice! I ran across your blog through a link from another blog and just HAD to write to you to say Hi!

I'm a Petty too. In Central Illinois.

What a gorgeous kitty cat you have in your picture. I have a kitty who looks just like it - only shorter hair. :)

I think I'll answer the meme questions on my blog too....and link to you here. Just for fun! :)