To Whom it May Concern

Dear people trying to sell things in the comments section of my blog,

Just wanted to let you know that most of my readers are far too poor to be able to take advantage of the spectacular deals offered on your website(s).

For example, I know for a fact, that at least one of them had to scrape bark off a tree today just so they could get their daily required serving of fibre and Vitamin B. This is difficult enough to have to deal with without being hounded by suggestions that society finds their boobies to be too small.

So, if you could keep your advertising down to a minimum so as to not remind my dear readers of their lot in life, that would be super.


Beatrice "Solicit This..." Petty


mollyblogger said...

Hahahahahahahaha.... my favourite is the boob one. It's mentioned so casually. It sounded like it was in relation to what you had written about Girl getting into Beautiful People. net.

Now, for everyone unfamiliar with the lovely Bea.... the last thing she needs is a boob enhancement.

Quite the pair, that's all I'll say (knowing full well that the former PNB/ULH will back me up on this one).

art said...

You think they would at least throw in some free Ginsu knives

Courtney said...

Argh- I *hate* comment spammers. I wrote this post just last night and I was bawling the whole time I wrote it, full of emotion- within seconds I had a comment from some wedding photographer wanting hits. __insert dirty word here__

lornStar said...

yeah!! that's right!! and god forbid anybody would want to see some FREE RUSSIAN PORN at

and cetainly nobody would ever want to come to the nightclub i manage ESSENCE.. on a Friday night.. which is more of a white crowd these days... or a Saturday night.. if you are down with the brown... SE corner of Richmond / Peter St. ... ... and with even MORE certainty nobody would ever dare show up at my restaurant... BISTRO 222 ... 222 Richmond St. W. .. when i open it in about 2 - 3 weeks...


Beatrice Petty said...

Are you offering to host a "We Love Beatrice Petty" party at your new restaurant Lornstar? Booze and food complimentary?

Shucks... that is so generous :)

lornStar said...

holy smokes!! look at how fast you responded to that!! that is like sitting on top of the telephone and waiting for it to ring!! damn!! as far as a "We Love Beatrice Party"... we can talk about that later.. but there is gonna be a strict NO LOSERS ALLOWED POLICY.. so it might just be me, you , and GIRL. :P

wee said...

where are you Bea????