Handy Kitchen Tips

By Beatrice Petty.

Handy Kitchen Tip #1

When cooking with jalapeno peppers, ensure that your hands and fingers have been thoroughly, thoroughly washed before trying to relieve that itch in the corner of your eye.


WaAngel said...

AHHH! I did that once, but with a habenero pepper... yeah, not fun. I had to put sour cream on my eyes, it was horrible.

LuckySpinster said...

one of my guy pals said that guys have to worry about washing their hands before they pee after they eat hot wings.

theGuywiththeHat said...

Bea - People think I'm crazy but, I have gotten into the habbit of almost NEVER touching my eyes with my fingers. I truly believe that is the #1 way people get colds and sinus infections (tear ducts go straight to the sinuses). So, I always use my shirt, someone else's shirt, a towel, ... to wipe my eyes. You have just given me yet another reason to say that I'm right :)

Chicken - I've never heard about using sour cream. A habenero must have been horrible.

LS - I haven't run into that particular problem. But, then again, licking all the sauce off your fingers is part of the wing process.

Beatrice Petty said...

LOL... GH, how do people react when you use their shirts to wipe your eyes? That would be a sight to see.

Chicken... sour cream eh? Of course, that would hinge on actually having sour cream at one's disposal...

LS... Oh... that is way too funny!