Didn't Mean to Frighten Y'all

I suppose that's one of the odd things about having a public journal of your inner most thoughts for all to read... sometimes your inner most thoughts can be scary and irrational. It doesn't make them any less valid, but they can be a little shocking at times. Everyone has these little moments once in a while (I hope) however, most choose not to enlighten total strangers when it happens. But I say, what the hay... if you people can be with me through the good times, then why not the bad? Till death do us part as they say... No wait... I seem to remember that pertaining to marriage and reality TV shows and not to blogs. Sufficed to say, I am not on the brink of doing anything irrational, nor am I going crazy... well, actually, you may think so after this...

So, for lack of anything else to read, and also, because I have yet to make my way to the bookstore to remedy the situation... I am starting Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince for the third time. Laugh if you must, but this is the way I work. The first read usually has me reading the words but actually being a paragraph or two ahead of where I am in the book. I also just really, really want to get to the end (although in this case I didn't because the roomie had given me the impression that something truly horrible was going to happen, which it did, but it was not wholly unexpected by yours truly and I did not know that the roomie was unaware that this certain event was not going to happen... anyway, I was scared) so the end result is that I usually skip over half the book and miss a lot. I re-read it immediately after finishing it which allows me to pick up on more of the details and some of the hints that Rowling has placed in the story (she's a sneaky bugger). In the case of the HBP, re-reading it made me less angry about the events that happened in the story (and has given me some theories)... I'm picking up what she's putting down. And the third read? That's me lamenting over the fact that it will be several years before the next HP book comes out, and many months before GOF is released in theatres.

So, has everyone who reads HP and BP finished the book so we can talk about it? Get some sort of therapy support group thing happening? Last chance to speak up cause the old girl is going to start dishing the goods anytime now.

On a different, but completely related note, I am now somewhat obsessed with Mugglenet. It's sort of your one stop shop for anything Potter related. I was on last night... in that half hour window between "So You Think You Can Dance" and "Little Britain" when I stumbled across the link for Lumos 2006, a HP symposium happening in Las Vegas next July... for a brief moment I got excited, for it meant that two of my favorite things had seemingly come together as if someone had read my mind. Vegas AND Harry Potter... Together? Surely, a joke. But it isn't. I kid you not. It's 4 days of academic presentations, Seeker tryouts, Wizarding Chess etc... I can't even...

And now back to Bea going crazy...

Ahem, as much as a) taking a trip to Vegas is appealing and b) attending a Harry Potter symposium is equally as appealing, I think entertaining any serious thoughts about attending this event would be a good indication that I had most definitely gone off my rocker. I'm not quite there... not yet anyway... fingers crossed. July is a long ways away. Yikes.


Capitaine said...

If it makes you feel any better, I usually read books more than once too!

But if you start writing about what's happening in HP, please write a disclaimer before I read your posting. I haven't read it yet, and I don't want to know anything about the story before I do!

And about writing when you're feeling down, I totally understand. As you might have noticed, I do the same. I think a blog is a place to share your thoughts and feelings, and rough times are part of my life.

I was just finishing an e-mail to you, it's coming in a few minutes!

theGuywiththeHat said...

I agree w/ Cap. Just disclaimer it and, you can talk away about the book without worrying about giving anything away. When you blog about your 57th re-read of HBP, I will start to worry a bit :)

Throwing your feelings out to the blogsphere is not a bad thing in itself. There is a community of sorts with peers, friends, ... So, it's not much different than talking to face-to-face friends. The biggest difference is that any jerk will have the opprotunity to kick you when you're down. But, I'm pretty sure that you'd just ignore those.