Media Advisory

TORONTO, Ontario, Canada.

On Thursday, August 31 Molly Blogger informed the staff at BP that she has officially returned to the blogiverse. Her new and improved blog entitled "Grattitude", was officially launched last Friday with the introduction of the newest member of our loft family, a fish called Socrates, a sassy and friendly little thing. His favorite pastimes include swimming frantically around his habitat, spitting out his food pellets and chilling in his cave. When asked by BP why she chose this moment to come out of retirement and return to the world of high-performance blogging , Molly quipped that she had just too much to share with the people of this beautiful planet we Earth or, if you are a Scientologist, Teegeeack.

"I don't want people thinking that this will be the same blog as I had before" she continued. "I plan on diversifying, branching out if you will". In addition to once again highlighting some of the daily occurrences in Molly's life, Grattitude will also feature such recurring columns as "Cooking with Power Tools", "Cat Wrestling with Spaz and Oreo" and the destined to be very, very popular"How to Break Traffic and Parking Laws and Get Away Scot Free, or Not".

Put your hands together and please join Beatrice Petty in welcoming Molly back from retirement.

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john boy said...

Woohoo! I like the power tools idea.

Hmm, the word verification is "mprig". Getting a little personal now don't you think?