Bea at Work

Sorry Friends,

Been a little missing in action lately. Total apologies. I never realized just how much free time I had at work until... well... now that I have no free time at work. Oh, not to worry, I can still find the time to work on my love life... Like take yesterday for example.

Cue the Scooby-Doo flashback music...

This really tall dude contacted me on youknowwhatlife... He IMed me, which of course, should have been my first clue and after a little bit of casual banter, he asked me for my msn. I politely explained, as only I can do, that it is my experience that msning back and forth is a complete waste of time as one tends to not ever meet those people and that I prefer to not waste my time but here is my email address (I've been over this in the past). He replied to this by saying something snarky about that's the reason I'm still single and that I seemed angry and bitter and that he didn't want to talk to someone who was like that. Ironically, I was not even remotely bitter or angry up to this point, but we all know what happens when you actively start swatting at beas... their stingers come out... they don't want to resort to this as they die if they sting you, but sometimes you happen to catch them on days when they are seriously pmsing or the like. Oh yeah... beas psm... I looked it up. Anyway, short of saying "fine, then prove me wrong", I relented and gave him my msn.

Luckily this all occurred during the last half hour of work... by all accounts, the least productive time of day so I could give this 6'6" tall bundle of dog loving attitude my full attention. Sadly, it could not have been more obvious that I was nowhere close to the top of his priority list. And to top the whole experience off, at the very end he asked me if I was going to be online later to which I replied "I'm not really on at night...". "Oh, well, that's not really going to work then as I am really only on at night". I will refrain from going into the details on the hysterical laughter expletive ditty that was playing n my head at this time. But I think it was about the time when he tried for 10 minutes to convince me, bordering on insulting me if I didn't, to forgo my beauty sleep so I could be online when he got home from some party at 1am. Dude, I wouldn't stay up until 1am to go online with Orlando Bloom, let alone Insulty McInsult... Of course, nothing at all from him today.

Is it wrong to be counting down the days until I get to say I told you so? It so is... but I'm bored... and remember what happens when Bea is bored? Frightening.


lornStar said...

ahhhhhhh... the Bea breaks out the stingers... nice... Here is some infamous lornStar advice.. for what it's worth... stop being a worker Bea... start being the Queen!!... change the layout of the hive if you must.. The Queen controls the drones.. not the other way around!! Remember.. the Queen Bea's honey is so much sweeter when the drones do what she orders!!

mollyblogger said...

Wow... I'm a fan of metaphors... but lornstar lost me.

Bea, honestly, you must have some kind of virtual pheromone that attracts all kinds of weirdos.

At least it also attracts cute brits ;)

TheatreChick73 said...

Hey, I say the next time a guy says "gimme your screen name baby" you simply reply as this douche bag did. "Oh well that's not really gonna work for me..." I say make your rules and play by 'em.

That'll prove everyone wrong. And that's just fun.

(PS: I know about work going from 0 to 120 in about 2 days...I am there myself. I missed having time to comment.)

art said...

I think you should go to a gay chat room and get a few screen names which you could then pass along to guys like him.