The World According to Bea

I think that if I was a convicted murderess and my chief defense had been that I was only doing what my evil murderous husband had forced me to do...

That the worst thing I could do just before being paroled would be to enter into a relationship with another vicious murderer.

I'm just saying.


Cascadia said...

What the hell! She is dating another murderer! Is this guy a rapists as well? Yikes.... People like that scare me!

RoRo said...

but it's okay, because they'd probably decide that you're not a threat to do anything heinous again, ESPECIALLY not if you're involved with another murderer.

Argh, dontcha just loooooooooove Canadian justice?

Beatrice Petty said...


"Canadian Justice"

Best oxymoron I've heard in a while. Thanks.