Getting The *#@! Over Myself

There is nothing like a good old-fashioned beating across the head to get things kickstarted. As you all know, the old girl has been in a rut as of late... see any previous posting from the last couple of months and you'll know what I am talking about. I know this, you know this, my cat even knows this.

The solution to getting out of this rut? After much thought, in plain and simple terms:

I need to get the *#@! over myself

8 Lack of mojo? Get the *#@! over it. I'm good enough. I'm smart enough. Gosh Darnit. People like me... somehow I forgot that. No more! Get the *#@! over it!

8 Stressing about the new job that starts in a month; specifically doubting that I can actually do the job? Get the *#@! over it. No one else has any doubts that I can do it. I know deep down that I can. Why I am so stressed out about the unknown in this case is a complete mystery to me. Get the *#@! over it!

8 Feelings of loneliness and disconnectedness? Get the *#@! over it! How do I get the *#@! over it? I just have to. Get out more. Join a club. Go to poetry readings, the beach, the park. Get the *#@! over it!

8 Lack of creativity? Get the *#@! over it. I moved to Toronto to become the famous and talented writer I know I can be. Writer's block, Schmiter's block... Get back to writing. I believe in my work and my ideas. Get the *#@! over it!

Get the *#@! over myself

I am so looking forward to having the old Bea back. She really is a cool chick.



mollyblogger said...

Glad I was able to deliver the beating.


I'm looking forward to having the old Bea back too... only, it's not so much the old Bea as much as 'new and improved' Bea.

And yeah, don't we all just need to get the &*$@ over ourselves? The world would be a far better place.

lornStar said...

whoa!! looks like someone took a ride in the "Waaaaaaa-mbulance" on the way to the pity party!! Girlfriend you need to stop thinking so much.. and yeah! get the F over it!! Just go out and live life with love and laughter!! It is the summer time! Patio weather! You get to meet new and interesting people.. then go F their brains out!! Who cares what other people think?? The minute you get a boyfriend you are gonna pull a George Costanza anyways and wish you were single again! All my married friends love living their lives vicariously through me and my friends adventures and they always tell me to "stay single"! who am i to argue? :) So get the F over it!! this summer i want you to be SWORN TO FUN AND LOYAL TO NONE!!

Beatrice Petty said...

Lornstar: Way to completely miss the point ;)

lornStar said...

like everything else.. i am sure you will get the F over it! :P

Cascadia said...

Welcome back kiddo!

LuckySpinster said...

I like you just the way you are. i think real life has ups and downs, peaks and valleys. i think it's important to honor the lows so you can soar authentically when you're ready. if you're ready, that's awesome. if you're not, i like you anyways. i never thought you sounded self-pitying. i think you're a really good writer and were just being brave and honest. be good to yourself.

Beatrice Petty said...

thanks LS!!!!