I want my Mommy

Ickly sickles is me today folks... have nothing inspiring to write about as my head is pounding with a sinus headache to end all sinus headaches. Nothing uber wrong to be sure, as I think it was just my sinuses reacting to the first day of really bright sun, heat and humidity that was Toronto yesterday.

But here's an FYI... Do not do a Yahoo image search for "sick" unless you are prepared to see a picture of three senior citizens engaged in acts that should otherwise be left behind closed doors. I do not want to see someone's grandpa doing a certain something to someone else's grandpa. Shudder.



LuckySpinster said...


feel better.

Beatrice Petty said...

Thanks... I feel much better already. My poor westcoast body never did get used to humidity and heat last summer. An early wake up call... to get the *#@! over it!

Cascadia said...

Poor you! I remember you sinus infections, make your you take care of yourself! Lots of rest and vitamin C!

As for grandpa porn, I am always interested in what turns people on - did you know there is a group of people who dress up in furry outfits (like bear) and have sex. Strange but true!

Courtney said...

That bear thing was an episode of CSI. God, I love that show. Feel better!