Why is a Cat When it Spins?

Earlier today, whilst trying to find things to occupy myself on the weekend, I decided that I would go to my first Blue Jays game of the season… By myself, which I am happy to do because oddly enough I get oodles of writing done at baseball games. Also, as no one I know is really into baseball, it’s either solo or not at all most of the time. As un-luck would have it, there are no home games this weekend. Curses.

This got me thinking about other instances where things do not always turn out as one expects them to. I am sure everyone has their own set of “Why is it that when…”s. In between my filling in for about 4 people who are away at the current moment, I was able to come up with a short list of my own…

Why is it that when I need to go shopping for clothes I can never find anything I like, and if I do, it is never on sale? And why is it that when I do not need any clothes and/ or am too broke to go shopping for clothes, that I can ALWAYS find EVERYTHING I like AND it is on sale?

Why is it that when I am interested in a guy he is not interested in me back? And why is it that when I am NOT interested in a guy, he is VERY interested in me?

Why is it that when I need to get sleep during the week I never can because that’s when my cat decides that 11pm to 7am is his playtime… on my bed? And why is it that on the weekends, when I get to sleep in, he is a little angel who lets me sleep all night long?

Why is it that when there are no good movies out in the theatres, there are also no good movies available for rent?

Why is it that when I want to be oot and aboot on the weekend, it will be a rainy and dismal day? And why is it that when I am hung over like a son of a bitch it’s the most beautiful sunny and bright day ever?

Why is that when I am watching America’s Next Top Model and I get to the part right when you find out who gets kicked off, that my cat chooses that same moment to walk onto the power bar and shut the whole system down?

Why is it that the day after I put my winter wardrobe away and bring out spring/summer because it has been 20 degrees for an entire week that the weather decides to return to winter once again? (aka… why is it that the day I decide to finally wash my car, it rains…)

Why is it that when a really, really good song comes on my internet radio at work that my internet radio provider chooses that moment to cut off and ask me “if I am still there?”

Why is it that right as my boss is standing over my computer going through some text edits I was working on, that a considerate friends msns me with a “Hey, what’s up beeyatch?”

OK, must stop now… this list could be never ending.



Capitaine said...

Hey, just to let you know I read your last few entries ant they put a smile of my face!

wee said...

because the higher it gets, the fewer?