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So in desperate need of a haircut, away I went to the salon across the street to take advantage of their '25% off if you walk in before 11:30am' special. The result is as follows:

I no longer think that I am even remotely attractive... blue-eyed, freckle-faced or otherwise... unless you can call having been magically transformed from a somewhat-hip 30-something from the year 2006 to a middle-aged woman from the 1950s.

I no longer think that I am smart. A smart person would have been able to articulate that she did not want to go from having very long hair with no bangs to having a short bob with bangs. Clearly, I am not smart.

A person can have the greatest personality in the universe, but if that person never leaves the house due to unfortunate hair... Making people laugh is great, but I prefer to have them laugh with me, as opposed to at me. I guess the bonus is that I will never, ever be id'd.

Meet the new me:

Seriously. If I had blond hair, this is exactly what I would look like. Anyone know a good wig shop?

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