Hell Hath No Fury...

Like the Devil himself.

I was going to share with y'all some of the newest images of my new baby, but that was before blogger had a different agenda and wouldn't let me upload them... further proof that my cat is the devil? Perhaps.

He has gotten huge and while he was always pretty much fearless, with a bigger size has come a bigger appetite for adventure, destruction, mischief and love. True, that love always happens at 2am, and then again at 4am and yet again at 6am and usually culminates in the little man getting thrown out of bed about a dozen times every night because for the life of me, I just cannot sleep when there is a cat sleeping on my head, nibbling at my nose, licking my eye, purring loudly in my ear and attacking my hair... Must remember to lay still and never, EVER roll over, make a sound, stretch etc... lest he thinks I am awake... The situation is worse than when I was 4 and I thought that a gang of skeletons lived under my bed and I had to take a running leap from the hall on to my bed so that they didn't grab my legs when I was climbing in. And then I would lay awake for hours, heart pounding away, laying stiff as a board and barely breathing... because if they knew I was there then they would surely come out and grab me and kill me and force me to become an evil skeleton in their evil skeleton army... Good times.

Oh, before I forget... does anyone have any ideas about what else, besides a squirt bottle, I can use to stop the little guy when he is being bad? It appears that squirting him 300 times at point blank range does little else but help him out with his bathing activities...

"Oh good, she already washed me... that leaves more time to break things!"

Bea "loving all creatures, great and small... most of the time" Petty

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mollyblogger said...

Just in case it makes you feel better... I've been there. re: the wonderful, delightfully devilish Hugh... My thoughts posted here.