My Further Descent into Lameness

Two Words...

My Super Sweet 16.

OK, that was more like 4 words/ was exactly like 4 words, but math was never my strong subject so whatever. Anyway, for those who have better things to do with their time than flip through TV channels when you are bored... men excluded of course, for we all know that flipping through channels is the modern day equivalent to standing on the horizon, spear in hand and sweeping the plains for the best animals to hunt... except standing on the horizon has now become sitting on the couch, the remote control the spear, the plains are now TVs and the animals are now TV shows... a few minor differences, but pretty much EXACTLY the same...

Basically what I am trying to say is that MTV has arrived in Canada.

And with it has come all those shows we have heard of but never really knew what they were all about... like Laguna Beach, 8th and Ocean, The Real World etc... It's possible that like me, you may only have heard of these shows indirectly through tabloid headlines featuring annoying people who are only famous for being famous dating another annoying people who are only famous for being famous. Not really my type of programs...

Until I discovered my Super Sweet 16 that is. Officially television has reached a new low. Unofficially, so have my TV watching habits... I truly cannot get enough of watching whiny, spoiled girls cry their eyes out when Daddy doesn't buy them that Mercedes they wanted... never mind that Daddy just forked over 200 grand for a Moulin Rouge inspired sweet sixteen party... It's brilliant... and pathetic... and much too addictive for my own good.

Bea "I AM the MTV generation" Petty

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TheatreChick73 said...

I used to promise myself never to watch that show. My God the egos these children have!!!! The demands and the whining and the party entrances! It's all